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Wedding DIY #3 – Wedding Card Box

Hey guys! Here’s another DIY item I made for my upcoming wedding. I got this idea both from another member of wedding website theknot and online pictures of various wedding card boxes. I’ve seen wedding card boxes and they all look so pretty! The price tag? Not so much. I figured I could just DIY it, but I kept putting it off until I saw another reader on theknot taking the plunge in making her own wedding card box. I wanted to keep it simple and not too tall, so I settled for 2 boxes fused together. I added some finishing touches to it to get the look I want. Here’s my DIY Wedding Card Box.

Wedding Card Box

To make this, I just took 2 boxes with the same shape and one that can nest into the other in size. I then cut into the taped up bigger box a huge hole that’s smaller than the base of the smaller box. I also cut a hole at the bottom side of the smaller box and a slit on the top of the smaller box for guests to drop their cards into. The hole in the bigger box will take care of any cards that are bigger in nature. All cards will just drop all the way down into the big box. I purchased the Damask wrapping paper from Michael’s for $1 and proceed to wrap the bigger box with it. If I had paid attention more to the print, I would’ve used the wrapping paper around the box upright instead of sideways. In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t care really and didn’t want to waste more paper so I didn’t redo it. I got a roll of white paper from the Dollar Tree and wrapped the smaller box with that. I then used a few small bits of those double-sided foam mounting square adhesives that’s used for hanging posters and stuff to hold up the ribbon around the smaller box. I got the ribbon sash from Michael’s on clearance. I forgot how much it was but it was a discounted item in their wedding section. I thought maybe I could use that as a sash with my dress, but I didn’t really like how it looked. I’m glad that I managed to repurpose it, so nothing went to waste! I then attached the smaller box on top of the bigger box, carefully placing it over the cut out part on top of the bigger box on the base. I then used a glue gun to attach them both together. I got a little scissor happy with the hole of the bottom box that it wasn’t fully centered, but oh well. It wasn’t worth for me to redo it either.

Wedding Card Box (direct sunlight)

What do you guys think?


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