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Wedding Treats Suggestions

So….I figured I’d put together a Wedding Treats Suggestions post being that the day is drawing near. I wondered about what pretty and pampering stuff a bride-to-be would enjoy. I shopped my stash on what I already own and what was sent to me for ideas. This is only a small part of what I can think of now for a bride-to-be, so get creative and think of what you would enjoy if you were in my place!

Wedding Treats Suggestions

Wedding Treats Suggestions (lighting changed)

I bet you can spot some items from LUSH, Zoya, Revlon and Ciate in the shots above. LUSH has always been a luxury homemade brand to me. I’ve used several of their items before (reviewed a few here) and while I find them to lean towards the pricey side for bath and body products, there are a few things I am more than willing to plunk down my hard earned cash on from that store. With that said, you can’t go wrong with LUSH items for a bride-to-be most of the time. Spotted in the picture from LUSH are Sex Bomb bath bomb, Tender Is The Night massage bar and Flying Fox shower gel. Oh yes….LUSH can get down with sexy. The first bath bomb I ever purchased from them is actually Sex Bomb. I love how it looks and smells. As with most of their bath bombs, you can choose to drop the entire thing for a relaxing bath or use half of it now and save the other half for later. Their Tender Is The Night massage bar smells so good and contains a lot of great ingredients such as murumuru butter and shea butter. Everything about this item exudes sexiness. The Flying Fox shower gel looks innocent enough, but it is a sensual explosion of fragrance in your shower. Jasmine? Check. Ylang ylang? Check. Honey? HONEY?! Check all the way. LUSH definitely has a way of making your bath and body experience feel luxurious from start to finish of product use.

One might also know that a lot of brides have given much thought to what their wedding nails would look like. And not just the hands, the feet as well! I threw in 3 of the latest nail polish shades from Zoya that I thought would be a good option for wedding nails. Their Magical Pixie Collection is light enough to use for a wedding mani (you can go bold and dark, but the look I’m going for is light and easy). I threw in the Ciate ones as they are embellishments that I’ve seen in some magazines and online for wedding nail art. I’m personally not going to do any nail art for my wedding mani, but these look like something some brides may want to work with for theirs. They look fun, but not quite for me on my wedding day. I still think I’m going to use a holo shade. Maybe light pink or beige.

I threw in a couple of lip products that are easy to use and can make a girl feel sexy with barely an effort at all. Most makeup addicts know all about the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms. They are very pigmented and last a decent amount of time. I chose the bold and sultry colors of Striking and Standout. I intend to pick up at least 3 more of these later on. They go on very nicely on the lips and I always feel good wearing them. Also in the picture is a similar type of product for a cheaper price point — Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain. The shades shown are Tropical Frenzy and Candied Coral. These ones aren’t matte, but I find them to be quite pigmented and they last pretty long as well. If I had to choose between these lip products, I’d go with the Revlon one. There’s something about a bold matte color that’s very sexy. When thinking more about the bridal look, the matte shades might be too bold. The Jordana ones are probably a better option for just a light sheen of moisturizing color on the lips.

Last item in the picture is one of my favorite scents. I stumbled upon Versace Bright Crystal by accident. I was on a beauty swap on the purse forum I belong to and was gifted one of those fragrance sampler kits from Sephora. It comes with 12 sample vials of different perfumes and a voucher to redeem for a full-sized bottle of what you like most among the 12. Versace Bright Crystal was the one for me. The scent is so beautiful, light, sexy, and sophisticated.

Wedding Treats Suggestions (close-up)

I can think of other things to include but these are the ones that caught my eye immediately and I know that these would get me feeling just a little bit sexier in no time. What are other things you can think of that will fit into this category? I know that I’d enjoy getting these things as a bride-to-be. I’d love to use these to pamper myself just a little bit whether it’s before or after the big day!


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  1. Love your wedding treats! How about a little Twist & Pout Lip Balm? Whether it’s pinks, blues or something else there is a design that suits any theme!

    April 10, 2014 at 6:20 PM

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