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Wedding DIY #2 – Personalized Wedding M&M’s

Hey guys! I almost forgot about posting this today! Whew! This week, I’m covering things in relation to my wedding. Here’s my second wedding favor with a DIY component to it. It’s just the packaging really since I purchased the M&M’s from the website for some personalization. I randomly chose the 3 colors it asked for that I thought would look good together. No, I don’t have a Tiffany blue theme or anything like that. I just liked how these 3 colors looked together the first time I tried placing an order. I knew I wanted white and I thought I’d go with blue. I didn’t want to go with the dark blue that’s part of their core colors, so I chose the light blue. The last part was easy — just finding a color that complements both and I ended up liking teal the most. So here’s what the end result looks like for my Personalized Wedding M&M’s!

Personalized Wedding M&M’s

They’re pretty pricey when you actually break the numbers down compared to regular M&M’s, but I thought they were cute and I took advantage of a 20% off offer (they come once in a while). You get to choose 2 text and 2 graphic/photo design as well. The text design can hold 2 lines each if I remember right. These will print on the other side where the “m” is not present. I just chose our names “John & Kathy” and “Just Married!” (I thought about printing the date as one of the options, but the Matchbook Wedding Mints bears the date and it would look redundant I thought). You can upload a custom graphic/photo too, but I didn’t want to mess with that after reading some reviews online. The most common complaint that made me steer clear of the custom graphic/photo is that the outcome was blurry or too light. They have some cute graphics already anyway, so I settled for the clinking glasses and the wedding cake. I had my fiancé proofread my order before I placed it because you can’t really cancel it once you go through with it. It took less than a week to get to me if I remember right. I ended up ordering a total of 5 lbs of the printed ones and 2 lbs each of just the colored ones to cut a bit on cost. I planned for 70 guests and am ending up with around 55 I think, but it all worked out because the clear boxes I got were a decent size and I weighed out 3.5 ounces of candy into each box (when I started the weighing part, it made me think about drug dealers weighing out their goods — LOL). In the very end, I ended up with a teeny bit of the printed ones and I was still a few boxes short. I mixed it in with some regular M&M’s and will be giving those out to our youngest guests. I reasoned too that mixing it with the regular colored ones will make them look more familiar maybe (and more colorful!).

I started tying them with the white mesh ribbon, but ran out close to the end. I forgot to take one of those for some reason, so that one’s not in any of the pictures. I had some white satin ribbon on hand and ended up using those until I have a couple left. I had another roll of ribbon with a scallop like design in both white and ivory. I used those to finish up the rest.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white satin ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white scalloped ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (kid’s ivory scalloped ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white satin ribbon top view)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white scalloped ribbon top view)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (kid’s ivory scalloped ribbon top view)

My favorite ribbon to use out of all of them is the white satin one. I think it looks more polished.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (my favorite out of the 3)

This is as DIY as I can get with this particular wedding favor. There are other ways you can spice it up instead of using ribbons. I thought about the customized sticker option (a monogram or graphic or graphic and text relating to your wedding), but I already had ribbons on hand so I decided to just use them up this way. Stickers would’ve been a heck a lot faster though!


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