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MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey

In one of MISSHA orders last year, I picked up a few hand creams they have on clearance to try them out. Today’s post is on one of them. Here’s MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey.

MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey

At 70 ml, this lotion is handy enough to fit into your travel essentials. The front of the squeeze tube reads long lasting moisturizing effect derived from nature”.

The back of the bottle actually has Korean text, but there is a small silver square sticker with the product description and details in English. It states the following:

  • Containing manuka honey from New Zealand and sunflower extract, it keeps your skin healthy by providing abundant nutrients.
  • Containing MOIST 24™, it keeps your skin moisturized all day long.
  • It is well absorbed into your skin with fresh afterfeel and makes your hands soft without stickiness.

“DIRECTIONS: Apply an appropriate amount over the hands when you feel dry or after washing the hands.

CAUTION: For external use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.


Verdict? Not bad. The scent can be pretty strong for some, but it dissipates quickly. It is a light soapy scent that I can’t quite narrow it down to what it is. It smells very, very familiar. The hand cream itself is white, but not stark white. It’s more like a gel white, which has a little bit of translucent property to it. It goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It does make my hands feel moisturized, but I’ve had various other hand lotions and creams that works better in that department. I find myself having to reapply more often. It’s not greasy at all and that gets a thumbs up in my book. I find that a lot of hand creams, rather than hand lotions, have a hard time finding that balance in terms of not falling into the too greasy bucket while being moisturizing.

I got this for a cool $3 online here when it was on this super sale or clearance last year. I see that it’s currently selling for $4.90.


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