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Wedding DIY #1 – Matchbook Wedding Mints

I’ve mentioned here and there in my blog posts about my upcoming wedding (less than 2 weeks away!) and thought I’d share a few things from it that I’ve done. I’ll post the invitations later on, but what I do have pictures of on hand right now are of one of the 4 wedding favors I have for my guests. 3 of them have a DIY component and one doesn’t (haha, photo booth — surprise, surprise!). So here’s the first one I’m sharing with you guys: Matchbook Wedding Mints!

Matchbook Wedding Mints

You can make this matchbook holder for any other party occasion really. I think it’s really cute! I thought about ordering actual matchbook matches and having our names and date of the wedding on it, but then I already got the mints and thought why not have mints housed in there instead of matches? I sketched it out roughly but wasn’t sure how to hold the mints onto the card stock I’ll be using, so I looked it up online. I’m glad I did because I thought about using a glue gun and I think the stapler method is much better (and faster as well as easier). I used a sheet of card stock the size of regular paper and that’s enough exactly for 4 of these. My fiancé didn’t have Microsoft Word on my PC at home, so I used Open Office instead and it worked out perfectly. I was able to select the 4 column option after setting it to landscape and it actually lightly prints out the lines to divide them. I used a pair of scissors to cut down the lines for 4 rectangular pieces. It took trial and error for me to figure out where the creases should be (I have buttermints here and other mints like Lifesavers may be smaller so the overall size is smaller). I folded a bottom part nicely for the top flap to be able to tuck into it to close. I then make folds/creases to accommodate the fullness and length of the buttermints. I did this all initially in a trial run with regular white paper since it’s not as firm as card stock. Once I figured out roughly the measurements, I entered the text I wanted in the front and on the “spine”.

To assemble, I make all the creases I need in the card stock. I then stuck 2 mints in it and gauged where to punch in the staple at the very ends where the seal is so as to not pierce the candy wrapper to retain the freshness of the buttermints. I tucked one end of the buttermints into the small flap and then staple them in place. I then tuck the top flap of the other end under the flap on the stapled side. Shown below is what it looks like opened up.

Matchbook Wedding Mints (opened up)

I didn’t take a picture of the text on the spine part, but it says “Thank You!” there. As mentioned earlier, you can use this to DIY favors for other events as well like baby or wedding showers and birthdays just to mention a few. I chose a card stock that’s a marble like print so my text will have to be simple. I’ve seen some online where they used a plain colored card stock (like cream or white) and they incorporated a logo or some clip art in color.