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My CVS Beauty Clearance Haul

Hey guys! A lot of you are aware that CVS is having their beauty clearance event right now. I didn’t want to wait until the stores are all wiped out so I went middle of the week last week and visited 2 stores. Here is my loot….

My CVS Beauty Clearance Haul

The Physicians Formula and Revlon items I got were all 75% off and the L’Oreal is 50% off. I had some manufacturer coupons for Revlon and L’Oreal so I managed to save even more. There are lots of stuff from other brands as well that are on clearance. If your store does not have the % off stickers on beauty products, fret not. They might still be on clearance! Just take the item to the scanner to see what it is ringing up for. The first store I went to did not have any stickers but the second one did. Now there is something I have to mention about Physicians Formula and Rimmel clearance products sighted as of yesterday. I went back to the first store I went to, trying to pick up a few more Physicians Formula items for a future giveaway and everything is back to full price. I posted my haul on Instagram and the buyer beware and a few others in other states also experienced the same thing and with the Rimmel brand as well. They were at their CVS stores last week and the same items that rang up with clearance prices are full price again as of yesterday.

I have contacted CVS corporate about this and explained the situation to them. They checked with how their clearance price works because I asked if the brand was on a weekly deal and the weekly deal got turned off….maybe the clearance stuff for that brand got turned off too? They said it shouldn’t be. So I just told them, look….I just wanted to let you guys know cause people are bringing items (especially at stores with the stickers on) to the register only to find out they’re all ringing up full price. It can be a source of unnecessary embarrassment and an undesirable shopping experience overall. I suggested for them to do something like either send out a note from corporate to all stores to pull off the stickers off the brand or if there’s a switch then turn it back on so clearance prices will reflect as such. But that’s the extend of what I can do. I told them I’m not calling for me since I already got some stuff from it, but I don’t think it’s right when others may get accused by the store of switching stickers and such (it happened to someone). I’m hoping that it’s just a switch and CVS will go OOPS! and turn it back on. I guess we’ll have to see and find out. Also, I can’t say this happened to ALL stores. Some stores may still have their stuff all good with the % off, but I know I’m not the only one where everything went back up to full price. My suggestion is to scan the items first before going to the register.

For a growing list of what’s spotted on sale for CVS beauty clearance event, go to Nouveau Cheap’s post here and check it out! 🙂

P.S. The unopened items are going to make it to my future giveaways. I was just hoping to get more, but there are other brands on clearance too so I’ll be shopping for those to add to the pile!

P.P.S. One of Nouveau Cheap’s readers mentioned that there is a special deal with Physicians Formula this week and that may have affected the pricing. This was told to her by her CVS store I believe. Again, just scan and if it’s not on clearance….hope that it will be soon later on!

:EDITED: I just called CVS corporate again to find out if it is possibly tied to the $20 free tote deal and when does it end, but they don’t see an end date for it in their system. So again, if your store doesn’t have the clearance sticker….you’re probably out of luck and if your store does have the stickers then it’s a hit or miss on whether they’d honor it or not (most stores do according to what I’ve been reading online). If you got in on it last week, just count yourselves lucky! 🙂

:ANOTHER EDIT: I stopped by the CVS store by my workplace that I’ve never been to before and figured if they have the 75% off stickers then I’ll take them to the register and see if they’ll honor it or not. Only 3 of the 11 items I got reflected the clearance price and the manager that rang me up was saying that “they haven’t fixed them all yet” and I mentioned that I called corporate twice the past 2 days to tell them what was happening. She said that store managers have been calling in too. So they honored the 75% off and this is what I got….

My Additional CVS Beauty Clearance Haul

If they had said that they can’t honor it, I would’ve just left. I went during my lunch hour and already spent some time talking to their corporate office over the phone that I didn’t want to rehash it. But it all worked out. Hopefully all of the items will ring up again at 75% soon so it will all be a smooth shopping experience for all. Shout-out to my awesome fiancĂ© for insisting I stop by this store to see if their stuff had stickers on. Love you! 🙂


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  1. Drugstore clearance… my favourite!
    Too bad CVS seem to have trouble getting their offers right. And accusing people of switching sale stickers is not on…

    December 10, 2013 at 12:19 PM

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