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Anise Sweet Deal

Hey guys! It’s Monday again and I’m glad that this Daylight Saving business didn’t mess me up too bad. I have another shade from Anise that my friend Lily picked up from one of her San Diego trips earlier this year. Here’s Anise Sweet Deal.

Anise Sweet Deal

I love a vibrant, bold pink like this! Sweet Deal is a bright, darker pink crème shade. It’s slightly leaning on the jelly side, but it’s not a jelly at all. Formula is great for a crème and it went on smoothly onto my nails. I love how it dries fast to a super shiny finish! Shown is 3 coats with no top coat.

Anise Sweet Deal (in shade)

Anise Sweet Deal (lighting changed)

Anise Sweet Deal (direct sunlight)

Anise Sweet Deal (close-up)

This can be found in Designer Shoe Warehouse stores. You can check out what shades they manufacture on their website here.

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