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No-Miss Wakulla Watermelon

Hey guys! Happy Halloween! I didn’t dress up this year (well, I’ll borrow the Rigby of Regular Show costume to greet treak or treaters later tonight), but I did think about it briefly around midnight last night. I was thinking that I have all the clothing and makeup for some 80’s female rock singer, but it would require me to wake up at crack of dawn to get everything ready in time for work (and I didn’t even have a trial run for that!) so….no. Not happening this year. I did make some beef chili from scratch last night and even though it didn’t win, it was a hit among those who aren’t huge fans of beans or spice in terms of pepper heat. And I found it to be tasty, so I see it as win-win. I plucked up swatch pictures I took from another shade of No-Miss for today’s blog post. Here’s No-Miss Wakulla Watermelon.

No-Miss Wakulla Watermelon

Wakulla Watermelon is a very pretty shimmer that’s named after Wakulla County, FL I believe. No-Miss names a lot of their shades after places in Florida, which I think is pretty cool. It actually makes me think and wonder about these places that I look them up online. This beauty is a dark berry red shimmer that makes me think of vibrantly colored flowers that thrive in warm places like Hawaii or Florida. Direct sunlight shot shows the color most accurately. Formula is really nice and it applied smoothly onto my nails. Shown is one generous coat with no top coat.

No-Miss Wakulla Watermelon (in shade)

No-Miss Wakulla Watermelon (direct sunlight)

No-Miss Wakulla Watermelon (close-up)

No-Miss products can be purchased on their website and various retail locations that carry the brand.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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