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Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet

Hey guys! Today’s post is on a new trinket I got recently that I am absolutely in love with! From her Serpent Collection, here’s Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet.

Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet

The color of the bracelet I got is in turquoise. I love the other colors available, but this one caught my eye immediately. The gold serpent and turquoise smooth, silk cord works together perfectly. They each make the other color stand out. This retails for $48 on her website as shown here. The serpent part of the bracelet is gold plated over brass and the bracelet is 2.25″ in diameter while the serpent pendant is 1.75″ wide. Here are a few more shots of me sporting it on my arm…

Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet (on my arm)

Satya Arm Yourself Bracelet (another angle)

See how the turquoise pops against the gold? I love this color combination. It just works so well. It also matches most of my clothing options and is so pretty as my arm accessory. Did you know that 10% of proceeds will benefit Home of Hope in Africa, which creates an opportunity for sustained physical, educational and holistic well being for exploited girls in South Africa? It’s for a good cause and lucky for me, Satya was kind enough to take a moment in her busy schedule (see what Satya Jewelry is up to on their Instagram account here) to answer a few of my questions about Satya Jewelry.

Kitty: What is/are your inspiration for this particular piece’s design? I’m curious on how you came up with the final look that’s simple and elegant.

Satya: This piece was designed for that one fun colorful pieces of jewelry you add on to finish off your look. I always like to design pieces that look elegant alone or can be layered. The inspiration for this was the year of the snake which is the symbol of transformation and renewal. Each season we design a piece from the collection that ties back to one particular foundation. A percentage of all out sales goes to our foundation but this is an opportunity to highlight our favorite organizations and talk about them.

Kitty: What is your hope that owners of this particular piece see or find when wearing it?

Satya: My hope is always to inspire the people who wear our jewelry. To let the pieces they wear remind them of their own grace, power and beauty.

Kitty: The website states that the Satya Foundation works with various children’s groups all over the world. How did you get in contact with these particular groups to help them in their vision?

Satya: My dear friend and yoga teacher Gurmukh, who travels the world teaching introduced us to the Home of Hope and has taught yoga to the girls there. We have teamed up together and matched donations over the years. Check out their website she is amazing and so are her girls. She is the real deal completely devoted to helping the girls get off the streets and offer them an education.

Satya sounds like and IS an amazing woman! You can read more about her and her cause here. Her creations both have a purpose and can actually connect with the owners of the pieces on a personal level. I simply just liked my bracelet, but a lot of the other pieces on her website speaks volumes to me. Here are a few:

Splendor Necklace $108
Alluring Necklace $198
Vibrance Cuff $248
Amulet Necklace $178

Looks like I’m liking a lot of necklaces for some reason! Check out their matching earrings too when you get a chance. She has a lot of great pieces that you can mix and match away.

And here are my 2 absolute favorite piece:

Gold Rose and Cherry Quartz Ganesha Lotus Necklace $138
Silver Rose and Cherry Quartz Lotus Necklace $88

The first piece speaks to me a lot because I have come to know about the history of Lord Ganesh through my 2 co-worker friends who I often refer to as my sisters. I’ve been to the temple with one of them before and accompanied her as she paid her respects there. The second piece speaks out to me because whenever I see a lotus flower, I think of peace and tranquility. I see this flower a lot in children’s storybooks growing up. It plays a big part in the Chinese culture. I see it in the folktales my mom tells me when I was a child, I see it in paintings, tapestry, clothing, food….everything really. So yeah, both pieces have a personal representation for me that reaches deep into my life. 🙂

Tell me now, which Satya Jewelry piece speaks to YOU?

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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