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LUSH Sultana Of Soap

Who doesn’t love LUSH? LUSH is a nifty brand that you will either love or hate. I say hate because some people think they’re uberly overpriced for what you get. And that’s where I come in….I put this to the test and let you know what I find and what I think as a whole. We’ll start with LUSH Sultana Of Soap.

LUSH Sultana Of Soap

Described as “LUSCIOUSLY FRUITY, SUPREMELY CREAMY SOAP”, this product comes in 3.5 oz and retails for $6.40. More beautiful description found on their website:

“Revel in Sultana’s majesty, and have a wash with the royalty of soaps. It looks like a fancy Italian dessert; a giant nougat cake topped with succulent currants and apricots. Smooth a slice of our soft decadent soap all over your body for a creamy lather and the most dazzling bergamot and olibanum scent. Your skin will be delighted and you’ll be left softer and smelling like a fancy candy shop with a touch of fruity sweetness. If you weren’t invited to the wedding, at least you can brush shoulders with royalty in the shower.”

Directions indicated on their website are as follows: “For hands, and use all over naked bodies. Get sudsy in the bath and shower. For optimal longevity, keep LUSH soap in a well-drained soap dish (away from water) between uses.”

What I love about this product? This is the part where some people will hate, but it’s what I love most about this soap: the scent. It is honestly one of the most beautifully fragrant soaps I have ever used. And mind you, I make my own soap. I have never come across a scent even close to smelling like this. Whatever it is, I want a whole bottle of it. I wish they sold a perfume that smelled like this. Maybe they do! I’ll have to check after publishing this post. I didn’t think this would smell the way it does originally just based on the name. Sultana makes me think of a musky, sexy scent like sandalwood or something. I’m so glad that I got the chance to try this one because it’s my favorite scent to date among all the products I’ve tried from LUSH. The lather is very soft and creamy. It feels so luxurious in the shower using it. It’s like taking a milk bath. It almost makes me wish the shower would last forever. It definitely relaxes me, but again….this is mostly due to the scent and scent is relative to everyone. The scent sticks to me hours after being out of the shower. I have my co-workers asking me what is the scent they smell on me.

What I don’t like about this product? If I had to be picky, the price. $6.40 for a 3.5 oz is wayyy too much and the only way I personally can justify it is that I can’t make this soap because I don’t have this scent and I’d have to go through the trouble of getting the fresh ingredients to make it (such as fresh currants). If I have access to the fresh ingredients component of this soap and the scent, I’ll probably end up making it myself (but I don’t so….).

This item is available exclusively at LUSH stores worldwide and online.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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