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Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss

Once again, it’s Monday. Most of us dread it and I am no exception to that. There was a time when it didn’t make much of a difference and another time when I actually look forward to Mondays! *shudder* But things change and….well, that is no longer the case. The only good bit of news I have is that I post on the weekdays mostly and today’s post is on a new-to-me brand. I was recently given the opportunity to try out a product from Ageless Derma’s line. Here’s Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss.

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss (with flash)

This product is described as the following on their website:

“Ageless Derma Lip Gloss is chock full of moisturizing ingredients to make lips more moisturized, soft, and ultimately, more kissable and sexy. This lip gloss contains some of the top ingredients found in wrinkle products: vitamins, oils, and botanicals, that are all natural and work in combination to provide a solution to lip dehydration and wrinkling due to aging and sun exposure.

The vitamins contained within the Ageless Derma Lip Gloss include the vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is found in many wrinkle products. It works to exfoliate skin and regenerate cell renewal, ultimately plumping lips and relieving them of wrinkles. The Vitamin E in Ageless Derma Lip Gloss is a natural healing substance. It works to moisturize and heal skin toughened and lined due to UV exposure. The vitamins in this lip product will make lips smoother and more attractive, as this gloss works as many wrinkle products do, from inside the body to make significant outward improvements in appearance.”

Swatches shown below are made to show true and possibly achieved opacity in increasing number of swipes from left to right.

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss Swatch (in shade)

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss Swatch (direct sunlight)

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss Swatch (with flash)

What I love about this product? The product comes in an easy to use and carry container that’s pretty durable and pleasant to look at. The packaging is simple and sleek. I was given a choice of any shade that they currently carry to try it out. The shade I selected is Pink Gold. I chose this shade because it looks kind of like a rose gold and I thought that’d be pretty cool to see on the lips from a gloss. Formula is smooth and moisturizing. It’s a lip gloss that’s more on the sheer side without any stickiness at all. It stays on my lips for a good 4 hours or so alone and that’s not bad for a lip gloss really. What I notice most about this is the smooth slickness of the formula on my lips that locks moisture in. This shade has a nice amount of shimmer to it.

What I don’t like about this product? Probably the price if I had to be picky. Other than that, maybe the opacity. But opacity is relative for everyone. It’s just that I have encountered some lip glosses that pack more opacity to show the visible color through on the lips. This one tends to be more sheer so it only gave my lips a light tinted shine – no rose gold goodness is visible at all on my lips. 😦 With that said, not a bad product at all and I’m quite curious to try some of their other product offerings.

This item retails for $15 and is available on their website.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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