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RAMY Face Gloss

Hey guys! Happy Friday! 🙂 I’m all moved out of my apartment now and am just crossing my fingers for my change of address request with the post office to start kicking in. I already have a lot of my stuff moved over gradually the past few months, so moving wasn’t that bad this time around. I remember one of the first things that my man helped me move was my nail polish collection. 9 Melmers and a few random boxes came over in that trip. Ironically, nail polish is also one of the last things we moved. I had a nail polish rack that held all my non-boxed Zoyas. That was hanging on the wall until the very last week I had to move stuff. It’s leaning against some stuff right now in the back room (which I have apparently subconsciously started calling it the “polish room” and my man noticed that, LOL). I’ll have to ask him where is a good spot to hang it. Anyway, today’s blog post is not polish related unfortunately. Here’s my take on the RAMY Face Gloss.

RAMY Face Gloss

RAMY Face Gloss (in shade)

RAMY Face Gloss (direct sunlight)

Described as “perfect & portable flawless color for your eyes, cheeks and lips!”, this product currently comes in 5 different shades to choose from. More details provided on this product are as follows:

“One product for eyes, cheeks and lips that actually looks different on each feature! All contained in the cutest little sleek mirrored compact. Contains anti-oxidants vitamins A & D as well as wheat germ oil and Aloe Vera. Leaves a clean finish on cheeks, yet non creasing on eyes and moisturizing on lips! It’s like finger paint for your face, try them all!

Ramy Tip: Apply Face Gloss to eyes, cheeks or lips using your finger tip for a fast makeup routine on the go – or apply over your day makeup to instantly take your day look into evening!”

Swatches shown below are made to show true and possibly achieved opacity in increasing number of swipes from left to right.

RAMY Face Gloss Swatch (in shade)

RAMY Face Gloss Swatch (direct sunlight)

RAMY Face Gloss Swatch (with flash)

What I love about this product? It’s small and comes with a nifty mirror to help with application. The shade I got to try is Sunlit Glow! and it’s perfect for my skin tone. I thought I would fare better with a pinker one, but this one worked out well. It gives my face a light bronzy shimmer wherever I need it. Formula is easy to work with and it’s very blendable. If the weather is colder, it might take a minute for the formula to “warm up” just like with lipsticks. It does have a little “weight” to it in terms of the feel it leaves on my skin after initial application. I didn’t notice it anymore after a few minutes though. My favorite uses for this product is on my eyelids to give my eyes a little color or on my lips when I just need a little bit of moisture. My swatches above show how it looks with just one swipe all the way to 4 swipes. It’s definitely a buildable shade.

What I don’t like about this product? If I had to cite one, it would be the price (again!). There are definitely many other options out there if you’re looking for a similar product as this, but I think it’s a good buy for what I get based on my experience. I’m actually looking into getting this in either Causal Sex! (whoo!) or On-The-Go Glow! or maybe both (or all of the rest?!). Also, it will take me a while to go through this even when it’s a multi-purpose beauty product. So the price thing doesn’t really bug me that much if I think about it that way.

This item retails for $18.50 and is available on their website.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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