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Throwback Thursday: Tutti Dolci Body Buff

Happy Thursday! Today’s been super busy for me. I had a very early start for the day cause of work and I gave the dog a bath once I got home. He’s all fresh and clean now! If you guys follow me on Instagram here, you’d have seen my Throwback Thursday contribution earlier. I took that shot right after the dog’s bath.

Throwback Thursday Tutti Dolci Body Buff

I started seeing these in Bath & Body Works stores in 2005, but I didn’t bite the bullet on making a purchase until it was too late. I cleared this very product off of their shelves when their semi-annual sale came around and they’re no longer carrying anything from this brand. I’ve always liked products from this line, but this scent is my favorite. Mmmm…..sweet mangoes. I’m pretty sure their most popular scent is Lemon Soufflé (if I remember right). I snagged the last 2 in the store. What I should’ve done is gone to a few more stores and clear their inventory of this, but no…only about a year later I opened one of the ones I got and started having this intense urge to get more. I had to resort to going on eBay to get 2 more. I paid around the same as I would’ve the time I got them, so it’s all good. I don’t have the price tag on them anymore but these retail for either $20 or $24 each. Pricey, huh?! Maybe that’s why they went out of business….who knows? Either way, it’s sad news for me and that’s all I have for this week’s Throwback Thursday.


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