things that Kitty likes 30% Off Sale

Hey Guys! Just reminding you guys that is having 30% off on everything in their makeup department until Friday this week. Just go to their site here and click on the “click to redeem” button and start filling up your cart.

My Haul

I took advantage of this offer a few days ago and my order showed up today! Some of you may have seen it on Instagram if you follow me there (kittypolishnbags).

My Haul

Some of these are already on sale and take 30% on top off that. I also used my Discover card and went through the Shop Discover program on their site for 10% cash back. If you don’t have Discover, you can go through eBates for 6% cash back. I loaded up my cart to hit $25 for free shipping as well. Not a bad deal! What I wish I remembered to get? Some Revlon glitter polishes I’ve been looking for. They’re all in stock too! Dang, maybe next time since this offer is just one per account. They also carry polishes from other brands like OPI and China Glaze, so check it out!


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