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Reviva Labs Cream Hydratante

Hey guys! Today’s blog post is on my take with another Reviva Labs product that I’ve had the opportunity to try. I have been using this faithfully for the past month or so with decent results. Here’s Reviva Labs Cream Hydratante.

Reviva Labs Cream Hydratante

This hydrating night cream comes in a small white screw top plastic tub container. This is described with the following: “Cream Hydratante is a very unique night cream for skin that has lost moisture, but not severely dehydrated.

Generally, it’s ideal for young, dry sensitive skin, or combination skin…or even oily skin. For rough or irritated skin, Cream Hydratante also helps soothe and calm. Active ingredients include Allantoin and Camomile; oils are specially refined. Wax helps confine action to the skin surface so oils are not absorbed further.”

The back of the bottle states the following directions: “At night, apply to clean face and throat with wet fingertips. Mix with a little water in palm of hand (to thin it) before application. Also ideal for very oily skin that gets a dry surface from harsh soaps or drying products.”

What I love about this product? It lives up to what it’s supposed to do. As with lots of their other products, a little goes a long way. The 1.5 oz / 42 g container will last me for at least 4 months or so. The texture is very thick and not of spreadable quality. I tried the suggested method of application of mixing it with a little bit of water and just directly applying a little bit on several spots on my face. Both ways will work, but the suggested direction of use will probably be what I recommend for anyone trying out this product. The cream is really thick that one may feel like they’re stretching out their facial skin if they’re using it directly as is. It will feel more on the heavier side on the face, as expected with such a thick cream formula. It is very moisturizing and perfect for my skin type, combination. It’s not that greasy at all, maybe only slightly during the first time I’ve used it. After that, it didn’t feel greasy at all to me. The scent is one that stumped me for a while. It smells very familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was until recently. It smells just like Ivory soap, which isn’t a bad thing. It brings back good memories and is quite comforting. The back of the box it comes in states clearly “No Animal Ingredients” and “No Animal Testing”. Another thumbs up from me for that!

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing. For the price, this is a sure thing for me. I will not hesitate purchasing it once I run out and have nothing around to use for a night cream.

This item retails for about $14 and is available on their website as well as on other retailers.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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