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Curtain Call: Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Halo Angel Touch Lotion

Today’s post is on another product that has breathed its last in my bathroom. This Curtain Call segment is on Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Halo Angel Touch Lotion.

At 4.2 fl oz / 125 ml, this is sold under their Dream Angels brand. I got this in a beauty set during the Holidays a few years ago. It comes in a frosted white plastic bottle packaging with a screw top lid. The back of the bottle shows the following:

Gentle, hydrating lotion
nourishes and silkens as it
leaves skin celestially scented
with dream angels halo.

Gently smooth over
body for soft, scented,
moisturized skin.

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Halo Angel Touch Lotion

Verdict? The lotion has a slightly liquidy formula that spreads evenly onto skin. It has the familiar Dream Angels in Halo scent. My favorite scent in the Dream Angels Collection is Divine followed by Halo. My skin absorbed the lotion immediately after application. The scent is a little bit strong for me, but it lasts all day. Some may find it overpowering though, so take note of that. It leaves my skin hydrated and the bottle size is just perfect for the time I feel like I’m about to switch to something else for a change. The packaging may have changed slightly visually since then, but this is still available on their website. You can get a 8.4 fl oz / 250 ml for $20 or check in stores to see if they carry it in a smaller size or if they currently have some sets (even better, Holiday season usually have sets and if you’re like me…..wait for the after Holiday sale!).


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