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Reviva Labs Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum

Hey guys! Today’s post is on a detailed review of a product I’ve been using since mid to late March. I was apprehensive about trying it at first because I didn’t think it would work that well. It’s from a brand I’ve never tried before as well, but I’ve heard good things about them and decided to give it a shot. Here’s Reviva Labs Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum.

Reviva Labs Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum

This under eye dark circle serum comes in a small glass container with a pump to dispense the product. This is described with the following: “Here is a breakthrough for severe dark circles. Capillary leakage of hemoglobin, creating red-blue pigment under eyes, is now found to be the cause of dark circles that have stayed with you. New biopeptide/bioflavanoid complex within Reviva’s innovative formula helps eliminate the hemoglobin deposits and discoloration. Reviva’s Under-Eye Dark Circle Serum also relieves puffiness.”

The back of the bottle states the following directions: “Use a.m. under makeup or alone and at bedtime alone or under other eye cream. With a drop or two on fingertips, apply under each eye with gentle tapping motions.”

What I love about this product? It works! Take note that a little goes a long way. The 1 fl oz / 29.5 ml bottle will last me for about a year. My bottle is almost half empty and I’ve had it since March, using the eye serum everyday during morning and night. I went through a rough patch back then when I first started using this and it helped a lot. My under eye dark circles would’ve been worse with the lack of sleep I’ve been having. The clear gel-like serum applies smoothly to my under eye area and feels cool on my skin. Another note to make here is to apply gentle pressure on the pump to dispense product onto fingertips. I made the mistake of pumping vigorously the first time to get product out and ended up with a lot of it on my fingertips.

What I don’t like about this product? None really. For the price, this is a good buy for the results you’re getting. It’s not a miracle product that will get rid of the dark circles completely overnight, but it certainly improves it over time with regular use. It works just as well as other more expensive options out there. I’m definitely buying this product when I run out.

This item retails for about $29 and is available on their website as well as on other retailers.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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