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Curtain Call: Wild Cactus Soaps Soy Whipped Body Butter

The frustrating part about finding a really good bath and body product is that half the time the company goes out of business or the product gets discontinued. Some of you may know that I’ve dabbled in soapmaking and I’ve come in contact with lots of homemade soapmakers as well as those that branch into bath and body stuff such as body butters, lotions and bath bombs. Today’s Curtain Call post is on a product from a company that I can no longer trace if it has just changed names or what.

I’m not sure how much product is held in this screw top lid container, but it lasted me through a whole winter. Winters in Oklahoma are relatively short, but it still doesn’t exempt me from suffering dry winter skin. I had this in my stash and decided to give it a shot. The front text reads ““Dutch Chocolate” and a little to the left side reads “Smooth over clean dry skin. Re-apply as needed. Avoid contact with eyes.” while the right side states “Soy wax, cocoa butter, fractionated coconut oil, apricot kernel oil & fragrance”.

Wild Cactus Soaps Soy Whipped Body Butter

Verdict? I like it! It provides a lot of moisture and you can tell that the body butter is just so rich when held in between your fingers. It starts to soften and melt with your body temperature, making it very easy to glide and apply over skin. It can feel heavy during the summer, so I definitely consider this a heavy-duty winter body butter. While it can feel a little heavy to some even for winter, it’s not that greasy at all. My skin absorbed this quickly and I didn’t have a problem with dry skin throughout winter. The scent is of light chocolate and very pleasant. I wish I could track down whether the company still exists and had just changed names so that I can keep getting this for my winter to-go moisturizer. But unfortunately for me, I’ll have to find something else for this coming winter.


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