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Curtain Call: Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Wash

Today’s segment of Curtain Call covers another product Bath & Body Works. It’s just in time too for their semi-annual sale, which is going on right now. Here’s my take on Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Wash.

At 8 fl oz / 236 ml, this retails for $12.50 at Bath & Body Works stores and online. It goes on sale from time to time (like now!) and you can score this for less with coupons they send out occasionally. It’s a good buy especially when they have their semi-annual sales (again, going on now!). That’s when I stock up on these! The whole squeeze tube container lasted me for about 2 months. The back of the tube reads the following:

“Our Signature Creamy Body Wash is one of the world’s best-kept secrets for transforming your everyday shower to a luxurious experience. Enriched with Milk and Oat Proteins to soften, smooth and condition skin, its sensuous, creamy lather leaves you feeling silky smooth and beautifully fragrant.

Enjoy this rich formula and awaken your senses with our exclusive Enchanted Orchid, an exotic floral that recreates the hypnotic moment of tropical sunlight on rare orchids.”

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Creamy Body Wash

Verdict? I love it. The scent shown is in Enchanted Orchid. While I don’t see this scent in particular offered online, you might be able to still catch it in stores. I’m not sure if this scent is discontinued or not. I think it is. It has a super creamy formula that definitely gives that luxurious feel when you’re using it. For the price, this luxurious treat definitely worth it. The scent is one of my favorites from the brand. If you get this on sale or with their coupons, it sweetens the deal. They also have various other scents available to choose from in case this scent is not right up your alley.

This product can easily be purchased at Bath & Body Works stores and online where available.


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