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More Milani Crystal Gloss

Hey guys! I broke all my nails recently, so there won’t be much swatches for at least another week. But this gives me time to focus on other non-nail polish items I have to share with y’all! I actually featured these in an older post, but there are 3 more shades just released. I’ll copy and paste the text of my previous review since it remains unchanged. Here’s Milani Crystal Gloss.

More Milani Crystal Gloss

These are described as:

  • A range of fantastic mega-shine colors
  • Leaves lips feeling soft and supple
  • Sponge-tip wand applicator
  • Made in USA

These are very easy to carry and use. It is small enough to slip into even a small clutch or wristlet. The applicator is the spongy tip one that most lip glosses come with, but it is not doe foot shaped. It spreads the lip gloss nicely over my lips. The formula is slightly sticky – perfect consistency to stay on the lips. There are a lot more choices than shown above, so be sure to check them all out and pick the shade you want. It sells at an okay price point. It has a light vanilla scent. These don’t last very long, only a few hours, but that’s expected for me with a lip gloss. Swatches shown below are for the following shades from left to right: Cotton Candy, Fascination and Precious. For each shade, I dabbed the lip gloss on a bit to show what it looks like clearly.

More Milani Crystal Gloss (in shade)

More Milani Crystal Gloss (direct sunlight)

These retail for $5.49 each and should now be available at select CVS stores.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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