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I’ve been tagged by the lovely Jessika of polish insomniac recently and I don’t do these a lot, so I figured why not? I broke the rules by not following them, but I’m just doing this for fun really (and as a filler post for today).

Here are the questions Jessika tagged me with:

1) What’s your favorite green polish? For now, Glitter Gal Deep Green:

Glitter Gal Deep Green (in shade)

2) What brand of cosmetics would you buy more of, if money was no object? Chanel probably
3) In the age of blogs, do you still subscribed to magazines, and if so which ones? Cosmopolitan, had Wired but it expired and I didn’t renew – ha!
4) Cat person? Dog person? Other? Both
5) Do you follow any professional sports? What teams? None really 🙂
6) Does your significant other support your beauty habit? I think so….
7) Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
8) Mac or PC? PC
9) Where’s your favorite place to shop?
10) What lipstick brand would you choose over all others? Lancome
11) You can’t live without _______? My people

Hope y’all learned a thing or two that’s interesting about me from this! 😉


2 responses

  1. yay! fun reading your answers!

    April 16, 2012 at 6:05 PM

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