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ONE Natural Body Butter

I’ve been using this ever since I finished reviewing the ONE Natural Hand & Body Lotion. Here’s my take on ONE Natural Body Butter.

ONE Natural Body Butter

The 7 fl oz / 207 g body butter is housed in an aluminum tin container. As everyone knows by now, all ONE products boasts to have 100% recyclable packaging; from their cardboard boxes to the aluminum containers and packets. The body butter I received is in the fragrance You wild coconut, you! and all I can say about that is WOW. The front text reads “smooth that tired skin”. Also spotted is the now familiar “One moment to enjoy * One less thing in a landfill * One life to live * One planet to preserve” logo forming a circular frame around the brand name on the center of the front cardboard packaging.

Taken directly from the back of the product packaging:

DIRECTIONS: Slather on daily to scent your body and soften your skin. Apply in a circular motion, be sure to cover rough dry areas. Natural creamy shea body butter hydrates your body from fingertips to tippy toes. Soothes and smooths out overworked and dry skin. Hooray for Shea!

ONE Natural Body Butter in aluminum tin

ONE Natural Body Butter (very rich and creamy)

What I love about this product? Just like the packaging with their sugar scrub, ONE Natural Sugar Scrub, the aluminum tin container the product is housed in gives a nice luxurious touch for me. It has a screw on lid. Product has more of the greasy feel compared to their hand and body lotion version, but that is expected from a body butter or creme. The formula is rich and I can feel the slight grease, but it is quickly absorbed by my skin and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. I think that’s the main difference on the richness I felt from using this product compared to other body butters and cremes I’ve used from multiple brands over the years. My skin stayed very moisturized throughout the whole day. The smell is oh so good and heavenly. I LOVE coconuts. If you’re not a coconut fan, it might be worth checking out what other scents their body butters comes in. They have several other fragrances to choose from.

What I don’t like about this product? The thin film used to contain the body butter in the container and retain its freshness for use. I’m not sure what material it uses, but it’s very thin and it breaks open pretty easily. It was almost invisible really in the body butter I got. Little bits of it were on the product itself and I had to ensure I remove all those bits before using the body butter on myself.

It retails for $9.99 according to their website, but it is selling for a cheaper price in other places like and One products are also carried in Target and ULTA stores nationwide.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


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  2. lachlan molineux

    After,I have a birth . I use a body butter. It take care my skin .

    February 13, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    • It definitely helps with what your skin has to endure in terms of stretching and stuff during that time!

      February 15, 2013 at 9:51 AM

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