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From Pam, With Love

As many of you remember, I went back to the Philippines, country of my birth, back in July. I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow nail blogger face-to-face for the very first time. I found it ironic that the circumstances of me meeting my first fellow nail blogger didn’t happen in the US, where I am now based. Pam of Polish Police was so easy to talk to. We just hit it off and talked about everything under the sun. She showed me where to get all the Asian brand polishes I was looking for. I wish I had more time to get to know her better. She’s just one of those kind of people you meet in your life, where time flies by when you’re with them. I’m glad I had that opportunity and for the fact that our friendship continued even after that. Recently, she flew into the US and I immediately asked for an address I can ship some goodies to her to. Her birthday just passed too, so I made sure I picked something out just for that as well. Before she left the Philippines, she asked me for a list of what I’ve been looking for. She apologized in her note to me that not everything in the box she sent over was from my list, but honestly….I didn’t care! She’s too sweet to even send me what she did! And she knows me well!

An assortment of Asian goodies in Pam's box to me

I took that picture in the middle of the night. I didn’t care at that time how the picture turned out. I was overcome with emotion when I saw the contents. The odd man out in the group is from Pam’s friend, Tatin. It’s a spray to neutralize any odors and for me, it would be for my hair after coming out from a Mexican or Chinese restaurant. My hair absorbs scent easily and Tatin mentioned that Tony Moly had such a product. I told her I’d take note of it for next time when I’m there to pick one up. She must’ve remembered our tweets about it and had Pam bring it over with whatever she has to send to me. She’s too sweet to remember that! The rest are various Asian brand polishes that Pam picked up for me, with love. She even got me Cutex polishes! I mean, I couldn’t get those here!!! And glitter?! Yes, she knows me well. 🙂

Pam, my friend, I can’t thank you enough for the lovely package you sent to me. I loved every single thing you sent in the package, whether or not it’s on my list. I hope she loved everything I sent her too. Just like her package to me, hers is sent from me with love. 🙂 I’ve already started shopping for her (and Tatin!) in anticipation of the next time I’m able to send her a package, via mail or in person. ♥