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Ruby Kisses Baby Blue 40

Hey guys! The weather is getting colder again. Not sure what is going on with Mother Nature, but we’ll take things as they come and make the best out of it. I liked the warmer weather we got recently, but conditions like that usually spawn tornadoes where I live. I decided to go with a simple glitter shade today so here’s Ruby Kisses Baby Blue, also known as 40.

Ruby Kisses Baby Blue 40

This one’s pretty sheer, meant to be used as a glitter top coat I think. Baby Blue is made up of blue glitter in a light blue base. The consistency is nice, it applied onto my nails smoothly. Drying time took longer than the typical glitter shade I have come to expect from most brands, but that’s no biggie in general for a shade I like. Shown is 2 thin coats with no top coat.

Ruby Kisses Baby Blue 40 (in shade)

Ruby Kisses Baby Blue 40 (direct sunlight)

Ruby Kisses Baby Blue 40 (close-up)

Not sure what particular shade of blue glitter this is, but I like the ratio of glitter to the base and the color of the glitter itself.

Ruby Kisses products are available online here. I know that my friend has told me she spotted Ruby Kisses at her local beauty supply stores as well.

*Products in this review have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*


2 responses

  1. MissDoll

    It is nice but definitely meant for layering maybe you can show us how it looks like over some dark or light blue?

    November 9, 2011 at 10:11 AM

    • I can do that in a later post. 🙂 I haven’t gotten around to featuring much layering yet, just polishes on their own pretty much except for crackle/shatters, but that’s next on my list!

      November 9, 2011 at 10:28 AM

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