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Courage Franken

I went red with for the name of this franken based on the novel title “Red Badge Of Courage” and I was missing a red holo franken in the holo series I was making. Without further ado, here’s Courage.


Courage is a pretty holographic shade that didn’t turn out as dark as I wanted it to. I made this using a mixture of Color Club Worth The Risque? and China Glaze Long Kiss, which is one of my 3 favorite reds of all time from China Glaze. Long Kiss is a pretty dark, pigmented red. It didn’t come out as dark as I wanted it to, yet again, but I still love it. I wish it was bolder at least, forget the darker part. Shown is one coat with no top coat.

Courage (in shade)

Courage (direct sunlight)

Courage (close-up)

Courage (lighting changed)

Courage (direct sunlight again)

Any idea why is it so hard to get a real red holo? 😦