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Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty

OMG y’all! I have great news if you’re a Sinful Colors nail lacquer lover or simply someone that have been wanting to try them out. This week, Walgreens is having them on sale for $0.99 each! I have been waiting for this sale to score some shades that I’ve been pining on. This sale will definitely motivate me to stop by at the 2 Walgreens in my area! To kick things off, here’s one of my Sinful Colors shade from my stash called Queen Of Beauty.

Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty

Glittah!!! Y’all know I’m a huge glitter fan, but this is actually one of the last few Sinful Colors shades I got. Why? Well, they have other glitter shades that are more interesting like Hottie or Pinky Glitter, just to name a few. I eventually got to this silver glitter beauty. Formula was a teeny bit on the thin side, but gave me no problems during application. Drying time for this is longer than I expected for a glitter shade. Definitely use more coats for opacity. Shown is 4 thin coats with no top coat.

Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty (in shade)

Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty (direct sunlight)

Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty (close-up)

I’m hoping mine still have the neon ones that came out not too long ago. I usually don’t pick up any from this brand until they go on a sale like this.