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China Glaze Masai Red

Today is getting colder, something I don’t look forward to. I was eager for warmer Spring weather to come already. I knew it was too good to be true when the weather warmed up nicely after the last batch of snow and ice Mother Nature decide to rain on us. I chose a warmer color today in hopes that it will cheer me up and make me feel warmer somehow. From their Core Collection, this is China Glaze’s Masai Red.

China Glaze Masai Red

With no orange undertones, this is a beautiful red shade that one can use year-round. It’s a deep cherry red creme shade that can be described as the classic red shade. Very pretty, very feminine, very bold….definitely a winner from China Glaze. The formula for this is beautiful. It glides on my nails smoothly and gave me no problems at all. Drying time is pretty fast for a creme shade. Shown is 2 thin coats with no top coat.

China Glaze Masai Red (in shade)

China Glaze Masai Red (direct sunlight)

China Glaze Masai Red (close-up)

China Glaze Masai Red (what a bold red!)

Being that this is part of their Core Collection, you should be able to still score this at Sally Beauty Supply stores or find them at various nail e-tailers.


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