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Finger Paints Autumn Allure

Another shade from Finger Paints’ Fall offering is Autumn Allure. I didn’t like the color just by looking at the bottle. I thought there wasn’t anything special with this shade at all. I was in for a big surprise. After applying it on my mails, I LOVE it!

Finger Paints Autumn Allure

Don’t underestimate this taupe shade! It’s a gorgeous taupe shimmer that has a slight frosty finish to it. Application was smooth and shown is 2 thin coats with no top coat. It looks even better under sunlight. It’s a perfect shade that one can wear well into the Holiday season, depending on the color of their outfit.

Finger Paints Autumn Allure (in shade)

Finger Paints Autumn Allure (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Autumn Allure (close-up)

Just look at that shimmer! It’s the same type of shimmer from Autumn Moonlight, very pretty and subtle still for this shade.