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Nubar Holiday Jewel Basket Swatches

All I can say is wow. This set blew me away. The promo pics are stunning and the actual set did not disappoint when it got to me. I swatched it the very next day I got it. Thank goodness the weather cooperated. It has been cold the past few days and daylight is getting shorter and shorter each day. Anyone who swatches knows that these make a less than ideal situation for swatching. But everything worked out today and without further ado, here are the swatches for Nubar’s Holiday Jewel Basket.

This set contains 4 glitter shades, 2 glitter top coats, one creme shade, one base coat, and one top coat. It also comes with a cute Holiday basket that you can stuff a few bottles into!

Nubar Holiday Jewel Basket Set

First up is Ruby Red Glitz. I found this shade different from the other glitter shades. Unlike all the other glitters in this set, the base color for this shade isn’t clear. It is red glitter in a red base. At first application, it doesn’t seem to be as packed with glitter as the other shades in this set and it looked a little flat. I wasn’t happy with the first try and redid this one later with much better results. Not sure if I didn’t shake well enough the first time around or what. Shown is 3 thin coats with no top coat.

Ruby Red Glitz

Nubar Ruby Red Glitz (in shade)

Nubar Ruby Red Glitz (direct sunlight)

Nubar Ruby Red Glitz (with flash)

Nubar Ruby Red Glitz (close-up)

Nubar Ruby Red Glitz (different angle)

Next is Grass Green Glitter. This shade is packed with fine green and a bit of gold glitter in a clear base. Shown is 3 generous coats with no top coat. The glitter is crazy in this one! Compared to the gold and silver one in this set though, I felt that it took more coats than necessary (I felt the same way about Ruby Red Glitz). However, I can tell you that the extra coat is well worth it!

Nubar Grass Green Glitter

Nubar Grass Green Glitter (in shade)

Nubar Grass Green Glitter (direct sunlight)

Nubar Grass Green Glitter (close-up)

This one is called Silver Glitter. With just 2 coats leaning on the thin side, I almost got full coverage. The formula for this one is beautiful. It went on with no problems and I don’t find it too chunky at all when it dried.

Nubar Silver Glitter

Nubar Silver Glitter (in shade)

Nubar Silver Glitter (direct sunlight)

Nubar Silver Glitter (different lighting)

Nubar Silver Glitter (another shot)

Nubar Silver Glitter (close-up)

This one is called Gold Glitter. Just like Silver Glitter, it goes on very opaque and showed almost no visible nail with just 2 thin coats. This shade is tightly packed with gold glitter in a clear base.

Nubar Gold Glitter

Nubar Gold Glitter (in shade)

Nubar Gold Glitter (direct sunlight)

Nubar Gold Glitter (close-up)

Competition red is a bold red creme shade. This the only creme shade in this set. The formula for this one is so creamy and smooth. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

Nubar Competition Red

Nubar Competition Red (in shade)

Nubar Competition Red (different lighting)

Nubar Competition Red (direct sunlight)

Nubar Competition Red (close-up)

The other 2 shades in this set are glitter top coats. Being that Competition Red is the only non-glitter shade, I layered the glitter top coats over it. Here is one coat of  Pixie Dust over one coat of Competition Red.

Nubar Pixie Dust over Competition Red

And here is one coat of the infamous Nubar 2010 over one coat of Competition Red.

Nubar 2010 over Competition Red

Drying time for all these are really fast. I was tinkering with things after 10 minutes. I did let them dry in between coats (I always do). This set will retail for $49.95 on their website as their most discounted set. For that price, it’s a great deal! Nubar polishes retails for $7.49 each when purchased individually. You can also get the whole set and break them up to give as stocking stuffers! This is just another way to brighten up someone’s Holiday season!


5 responses

  1. Wow the Silver Glitter one looks lovely! Perhaps I should write that on my Christmas wishlist! 😀

    November 10, 2010 at 4:48 PM

    • There is nothing more I can ask for from the glitters offered in this set! It’s very festive too!

      November 10, 2010 at 7:27 PM

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