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Finger Paints Autumn Moonlight

Autumn is clearly here. I have refused to accept that summer is long gone but the cold weather is simply too hard to ignore. I admit defeat, alas! Here today, I have Finger Paints Autumn Moonlight.

Finger Paints Autumn Moonlight

From their Seduced By Fall Collection, Finger Paints delights us with this deep, dark blue. What I appreciate most about this blue shimmery shade is that it is not so dark to the point that it looks black most of the time. I have encountered a lot of shades like that. It looks blue in the bottle but when painted on the nails it comes out to be black except when under sunlight or direct light. Those shades make me sad because not only are they prettier in the bottle but that’s quite deceiving.

Finger Paints Autumn Moonlight (in shade)

Finger Paints Autumn Moonlight (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Autumn Moonlight (close-up)

Shown is just one generous coat. Yes, the formula for this one is quite pigmented that you can get away with just one generous coat. Drying time is relatively normal for shimmers. The shimmer in this is quite mesmerizing. I am indeed seduced by this shade. 🙂