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Color Club Wild At Heart

As mentioned in my previous post, there is a nail polish shade that Cher Lloyd’s performance in that video came to my mind. The colors they used, her hair and her outfit….it all screamed this shade in my head. I just had to swatch it after seeing that video! Here is Color Club’s Wild At Heart.

Color Club Wild At Heart

Wow! This is one HOT shade! It’s one of my favorite offerings from Color Club. I love holographic shades and this one is definitely on top of my list. It is one of the 6 shades that they released for the Wild At Heart Collection last year. It’s a deep purple that’s filled with holographic goodness. The holographic effect isn’t as strong as a few other holographic shades in my collection but it’s still evident, especially under sunlight.

Color Club Wild At Heart (in shade)

Color Club Wild At Heart (direct sunlight)

Color Club Wild At Heart (in shade, close-up)

Color Club Wild At Heart (direct sunlight, close-up)

See how awesome it is under direct sunlight?! I can’t stop staring at my nails. Shown is just one coat. Yes, one generous coat. Wow! And this dries super fast, as with most holographic shades. This shade definitely impressed me with not just its color and holographic properties but also with its opacity. Can’t beat that combo!

Color Club Wild At Heart (last shot)

Even though the set has long been out, you can still grab this shade at various nail e-tailers like I did.