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Sally Hansen Must-Have Iris

I have a very exciting shade to share with y’all today. This one called out to me when I did a recent round robin nail polish swap on an online forum I belong to. I almost passed on it honestly. I felt guilty that I scored such a great find with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure! I put lots in the box and decided to take this one before I regret it later on. This one’s called Must-Have Iris.

Sally Hansen Must-Have Iris

This one is really pretty! It’s a very light, delicate pink that has some shimmer to it. I applied 3 thin coats of this one and didn’t feel the need to add more to make it opaque. This is one of those shades I wouldn’t mind seeing my nail line at all. I think it looks best this way and not opaque all the way but everyone’s different.

Sally Hansen Must-Have Iris (in shade)

Sally Hansen Must-Have Iris (direct sunlight)

Sally Hansen Must-Have Iris (close-up)

Pardon the cut above the nail and my cuticles. This is the time of the year my skin starts responding to the change in weather. It’s definitely not summer anymore. The formula is smooth. I would’ve liked it to be a bit thicker in consistency but it didn’t bother the outcome at all with 3 coats. Drying time is not as fast as I would’ve liked, which makes thin coats more suitable for the application of this shade.

Sally Hansen products can be found in various retail locations and drugstores such as Walmart, Target, ULTA, CVS, Walgreens, and even in your local grocery stores.


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