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Sinful Colors Let Me Go

This is the last day you can get Sinful Colors nail polish at Walgreens for $0.99 each! I’ve been featuring a Sinful Colors shade each day since Monday this week, in hopes that it might help some of you guys in deciding if you like the shade on your nails or not. Today, I have Let Me Go.

Sinful Colors Let Me Go

This is a very pretty duochrome polish. I picked this up a few weeks ago when Walgreens had it for $0.99 each (they have it at this price every so often, I think). There are other 2 duochromes I picked up on the same trip but this shade is the one with the strongest duochrome effect. At least by just looking at the bottle. You can see the lavender, silver, and pink with some blue and green in this shade.

Sinful Colors Let Me Go (in shade)

Sinful Colors Let Me Go (direct sunlight)

Sinfu Colors Let Me Go (close-up)

Please excuse the dry skin. The ever-changing weather here in Oklahoma does take a toll on my skin. Shown in pictures is 3 thin coats with no top coat. Sadly, just like Oasis, it’s a very pretty shade but the duochrome effect doesn’t come through strong enough for my liking. It is very evident in the bottle but not so much on the nails. Hopefully, the next duochrome shade from Sinful Colors that I will swatch is better at this. The formula is smooth, bearing a little bit of the frost nail polish property of streaky brush strokes. This particular shade is quite sheer too, but most duochromes are quite sheer as well. Drying time is pretty fast for Sinful Colors.

Last day today until whenever they do this sale again, ladies! Go get your Sinful Colors now if you haven’t yet.


One response

  1. This was one of the first Sinfuls I got. Looks great layered over black, too.

    September 18, 2010 at 1:19 PM

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