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Zoya Mikka

On their site, Zoya Mikka is described as “Wintery deep wine purple with very fine, frosty silver shimmer” and frosty silver shimmer indeed! I can see all that just by looking at the bottle!

Zoya Mikka

Wow! This lovely shade is released as part of Zoya’s Pulse Collection in 2008. It definitely makes me think of frosty or metallic grapes. This is a wonderful color to sport in the Fall season. 

Zoya Mikka (in slight shade)

Zoya Mikka (direct sunlight)

Zoya Mikka (with flash)

Look at the shimmery goodness! Application is smooth and easy. Shown in picture is 2 coats with no top coat. Drying time is usual for Zoya, not too fast yet not too long either. I got lots of compliments with this shade on my nails. It’s definitely bold but with the right outfit, it’s a winner. 

Zoya Mikka (look at the shimmer!)

Zoya Mikka (this one shows the color better)

What do you think?


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