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ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals: Fall 2014 Makeup Sale

I always end up not getting anything from ULTA’s 21 Days of Beauty Steals, which started yesterday. Not this time though! I got into Laura Geller makeup recently (because they’re soooo pretty and no….I haven’t used any of it except one item out of 20+ or so) and couldn’t pass up on this deal for $15:

ULTA 21 Days of Beauty Steals: Fall 2014 Laura Geller Smoldering Skies Eyes & Lips Kit

I’m very excited on that lip shade and the eye shadow/liner. If you go to their link for these beauty steals, you can see what’s coming up and which deals are available both in-stores and online and which ones are online only (like the one I just caved to). I hate paying for shipping (wish they have a free shipping with $25 purchase right now) so I got 2 of these and added another item to my cart to bump my total purchase price up (I’ve been eyeing it anyway). You also get a free full-size Laura Geller I-Care Eyeliner with a $30 purchase from the brand (which I did get since I bought 2 of these). The only other beauty steals that caught my eye are the Stila and Cargo palettes, but the Holiday palettes are all coming out so I’ll most likely pass on them. If I do remember on the day the deal goes live, I’ll probably grab an Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel (finally!). I don’t really do anything for my brows and this may change everything I’ve thought about brow care (which is basically non-existent in my life).

Anything catching you eye from ULTA’s 21 Days of Beauty Steals?

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441

I haven’t been this excited about a NYC product until this. I got it in the mail and didn’t think much of it. When it was time to try it out, I regret overlooking it earlier. In fact, this is the best product I have ever tried from them to date I think. Here’s NYC Expert Last Lip Color.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441

This is described as the following on their website:

The New NYC Expert Last Lipstick is moisturizing, comfortable and longwearing, it stays on up to 6 hours. Discover the wide range of shades developed to match your every mood and style! You’ll find perfect plummy shades standing alongside true reds, next to creamy peaches. There’s one here for every look, outfit and situation you could dream of.
The all-new Expert Last Lipstick . Who knew you could feel this way about a lipstick?”

Swatches shown below shows a lone swipe then 2 and then 3 from left to right to show how buildable it is with more layers and pigmentation.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441 (in shade)

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441 (lighting changed)

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441 (direct sunlight)

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441 (with flash)

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441 (lighting changed again)

Verdict? The shade I got is Traffic Jam 441. I absolutely love this classic red shade. I wasn’t excited at first because I actually didn’t think the formula would blow me away. It goes on very smooth and creamy on the lips. There is more color payoff than I imagined there would be. I only needed one coat of this on my lips and I’m set. Formula is very moisturizing — not dry at all as one would expect sort of from what a lipstick would be. It feels almost like it’s a matte formula when worn on my lips, but it’s not matte at all. I can’t nail down what the scent is really but it reminds me of candy. It’s not too strong and it dissipates pretty quick. I get at least 5 hours of wear from this throughout the day without having to reapply it. That’s good for a lipstick since it’s not a lip stain. I experienced some feathering when I checked it at the end of the day. Not bad for not using this with a lip liner, but lip liner is still a must-have with lipsticks in general. There are 20 shades you can choose from with this lipstick line of theirs. For the price it sells for, it’s a guaranteed steal in my opinion. The only negative I can find has to do with the product packaging. How you see it in the shots above is what you’ll get. The lipstick sticks out of the lower tube casing. I like my lipsticks to be protected in the tube casing in case the lid pops off. I do keep my lipsticks in my makeup bag, but once in a while I’d just toss a new shade directly in my purse. It would be a disaster if the lid pops off while in my purse. The product would just get over everything. Lipsticks I’ve seen from other brands actually retract all the way into the tube, but not all so it’s not something I’d take points off from them or anything like that. A couple of other brands package their lipstick the exact same way they do. Just keep that in mind when you’re carrying it around.

I’ve posted on my Instagram account here what it looks like on me with just one coat.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Traffic Jam 441 IG Post

It retails for about $1.99 or so and you can get them for an even cheaper price when they go on sale or you use coupons on them. This can be found in chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color

Hey guys! I got the chance to test everything but the nail lacquer so far from Milani’s Limited Edition Bella Blue Collection as seen in the press release post here. Today’s post is on the lipstick that boasts to be this bright blue. The name of the shade is the same as the name of the collection, Bella Blue. Here’s Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color.

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color Detail

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color Detail (with flash)

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color Detail (another shot)

This is described as:

  • Full-coverage, one-stroke lip color
  • Limited Edition
  • Made in USA

The product packaging is different from all the other lipsticks they have, so I thought there was a 50% chance that it’s not made with the same formulation. I was right. I even compared the ingredient listing online to check it. But I didn’t even need to do that to know this. I can feel it when I applied it onto my lips. It’s slicker than the lipsticks from their Color Statement line and it smells different from those. It has a strange almost chemical lipstick smell that is NOT found with their other lipsticks. I will definitely be trying this in an attempt to “de-scent” this shade. Scent is a very personal thing and while some may not find this scent in any negative light, it doesn’t do it for me. I LOVE the scent of Milani’s lip products and this is the first time it has missed the mark for me in that department. The packaging is different too, but the product is housed in a typical lipstick twist tube. Aside from being slicker when applied on the lips, formula is more sheer. I can get decent coverage with one stroke, but I wouldn’t say it’s full coverage. The color is metallic or frosty in nature and only slightly buildable, but if you’re hoping the color you see in the tube to translate onto the lips then you’re in for disappointment. I tried applying more coats to achieve the color I see in the tube and failed miserably. It got streaky and I ended up almost trying to pat the product already on my lips in place. For this lip color, fewer strokes the better. Swatches shown below is one stroke on the left and 2 strokes on the right.

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color (in shade)

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color (lighting changed)

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color (direct sunlight)

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color (with flash)

I’ve posted on my Instagram account here on what it looks like with several coats for maximum color payoff.

Milani Bella Blue Lip Art Saturated Lip Color IG Post

This retails for $3.99 each and should now be available in select Walgreens, KMart and Fred Meyer stores as well as online on their website.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Milani Limited Edition Bella Blue Collection

Colors look vibrant here. Color me intrigued!

EDIT: Bella Blue Lash Art Swatches here, Bella Blue Lip Art Swatches here

Milani Limited Edition Bella Blue Collection

I’ll be posting about these shortly, so stay tuned!

ipsy May 2014 Glam Bag

Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend already! I got my ipsy May Glam Bag 2 or 3 days ago, but recent things such as work, dishes with long prep time and a new car purchase with my husband took up a lot of my time. I finally got the chance to take pictures yesterday while I was reheating my turkey lasagna (which my husband ended up liking a lot — YAY!). Here’s everything from my ipsy May 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy May 2014 Glam Bag

I liked every single thing I got with this month’s Glam Bag. The only thing I think I’m passing on is the Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo. I just have too many eye shadows right now, but I’m sure I’ll either include this in a future giveaway or add it to my ever-growing pile of small gifts I like to hand out to my husband’s nieces. Mine came intact but I have seen some mention that theirs came broken up during shipping. The one I got is Duo #1 (Celestial & Opal). These shades look perfect for maybe even using it as a highlighter in some instances. I have the Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF50 on my bathroom counter right now, but opted not to use it just yet. I’ll put it to the test this weekend since I’ll be out in the sun for a decent amount of time. I’m glad to get this item as it’s perfect for summer. The item I loved getting the most in this month’s offering is the Revlon ColorBurst™ Matte Balm in Elusive. I own 2 shades before this one, Striking and Standout. I wanted to get Elusive, Shameless, Sultry, Unapologetic and Audacious at the very least. I was so glad that I got this in a shade I don’t own yet. Saves me a trip and purchase! The first thing I ended up trying is the derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub. Holy cow! My main tip for those that haven’t used it yet is to go gentle and slow at first to gauge how much pressure to use on your face with this. I personally loved this but can easily see that it might be too abrasive for those with sensitive skin. I started off not thinking much about it and realized that I need to go slow cause I was being too rough with it on my face. After I got the hang of the right pressure I’m comfortable with when massaging it on my face, it was heaven. I can almost say 100% that I will repurchase this item. Lastly, the Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask is an item that immediately ended up in my shower. I used it this morning and so far — pretty good! It will take more testing for me to give a thorough review later on in another blog post. I thought this month’s makeup bag is cool, but it definitely looked better on the ipsy site. I didn’t think it actually have that recycled look and feel to it, but I’m glad that I didn’t log on to ipsy to see it first as I wouldn’t have liked it as much I think.

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo

Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF50

Revlon ColorBurst™ Matte Balm

derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Overall, one of the best to date! I’m kinda scared now that next month’s bag will be a disappointment since I’m not quite sure how this month’s bag can be topped. But we’ll see I guess!