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Cleaning (Polish) House 

We all have come to a point where we look at our collections and shake our heads, wanting to narrow it down to a smaller and more manageable size. You will turn to your box of backups that was 1) accumulated during sales, 2) added into your cart and checked out to meet a free shipping offer, 3) got a few extra of a shade that you were just too afraid that you’ll never see again, or 4) all of the above. I fall to category #4. It’s time to clean house. Polishes listed below are for sale or swap. All of these are purchased by me through various avenues. My lemmings are listed on a separate page in my menu bar but I am not limited to what is listed there. Condition of each and quantity is listed clearly below.

Deborah Lippmann:
Across The Universe (brand new) swap
Since I Fell For You (swatched once) $10
Dream A Little Dream Of Me (brand new with box) $12

Orly Catch the Bouquet (brand new) $3.75
Orly Buried Alive (brand new) $4.50
Orly Royal Velvet (brand new) $4.50
Orly Blushalicious (swatched once) $3.25
Orly Pink Brilliance (swatched once) $3.25

Sew Psyched (brand new) $5
A-List (brand new) $4
Damsel In A Dress (swatched on one finger once) $3.50

China Glaze:
Luxe And Lush (brand new) $5
Light As Air (brand new) $4
Spontaneous (brand new) $4
Cracked Concrete (brand new) $4

Glitzerland (brand new) swap
Sit Under The Apple Tree (brand new) swap
Silver Shatter (brand new) swap
Blue Shatter (brand new) swap
Turquoise Shatter (brand new) swap

Love That Red (brand new) $3
Red Hot Tamale (brand new) $3
Pink Freeze (brand new) $3
Perplex (brand new) $5
Effervescent Opal (brand new) $3
Ocean Breeze Scented (brand new) $3

Sally Hansen:
Get Juiced (brand new) $4
Shell We Dance? (brand new) $4
Spectrum (brand new) $4
LCD (brand new) $4
White Veil (brand new) $4
Garter Toss (brand new) $3.50
Sweetheart (brand new) $3
Pink Boquet (brand new) $3
Love In Bloom (brand new) $3

Color Club:
Red Velvet (brand new) $3
Covered In Diamonds (brand new) $3

Elle’s Spell (brand new) $5

Cupid’s Kiss (brand new) $3.25

Shipping will be with delivery confirmation. I am flexible with shipping options. $6.50 if it fits in a small USPS Priority Mail flat rate box (about 7 not-so-round bottles of polish will fit). If it’s more, I will give the option of going to the next size up USPS Priority Mail flat rate box or other possible shipment option such as Parcel Post. If you’re only buying 1 or 2, I can ship First Class in a padded envelope with bubble wrap. Preferred form of payment is Paypal gift or personal check. Please email me at for any questions or if you wish to buy or swap.