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LUSH Volcano

One of the first things I did the day after the wedding was to treat my poor, tired feet! By the end of the night, the front pads of my foot were aching from walking back and forth to the photo booth many, many times. I had that thing for 3 hours for unlimited pictures and I intended to get my money’s worth! So I took it slow the next day and fished for something to soothe my slightly sore feet. Enter LUSH Volcano.

LUSH Volcano

Described as “DEODORIZING FOOT MASK TO SMOOTH AND SOFTEN”, this product comes in either 4.4 oz or 11.1 oz and retails for $13.95 and $22.95 respectively. More vivid description found on their website:

“To avoid eruptions of noxious fumes, and for the softest soles imaginable – slather on our thick kaolin and pumice Volcano foot mask to draw out deep down dirt and slough off rough skin. We raided the produce bin and added fresh papaya and lemon juices to cleanse, as well as tomatoes, potatoes and anti-fungal essential oils to deodorize against odor and foot gremlins. After putting up your feet for ten minutes, massage off using the pumice blend to scrub off dead skin cells and you’ll be left with soft, lovely and smell-free feet.”

Directions indicated on their website are as follows: “Plaster the foot mask onto clean, dry feet (tops, soles and even in between the toes) and wrap them up in plastic bags. Let sit for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Finish with a foot lotion for maximum results. Volcano will remain fresh for up to three months. Always check the expiration date on your product.”

What I love about this product? It leaves my feet baby soft and fresh smelling of minty goodness. I read the description and was expecting a fruity smell, but I was so wrong! The smell is fresh and minty — and it feels just like it too! I slathered it onto my feet just as instructed and then wrapped them up in plastic. I actually ended up massaging my foot through the plastic and worked the foot mask all over my feet. By the time I was done, I unwrapped the plastic and rinsed my feet off in warm water while massaging my feet as I do so. I dried my feet and it feels tingly all over….just like the sensation of having come into contact with something minty on your skin. And what do you know? I looked at the ingredient list and it contains menthol! It’s refreshing and relaxing. If foot odor is one of your concerns, fear not — you will be rid of it following the use of this product!

What I don’t like about this product? If I have to be picky, the price. But for what you’re getting, it’s definitely worth it. There’s no way I can get all the ingredients they’ve listed out and come up with this randomly. I’m definitely going to get more when I run out.

This item is available exclusively at LUSH stores worldwide and online.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

ipsy April 2014 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my ipsy April Glam Bag the day before my parents came to town, so I haven’t gotten to it until now. I did like a lot of the things on first glance and end up keeping them. Here’s what I got with my ipsy April 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy April 2014 Glam Bag

I actually liked every single thing I got with this month’s Glam Bag. The only thing I might pass on is the lip balm and maybe the eye shadow. The Elizabeth Mott pop! goes the shadow looks so beautiful. The shade I got is Champagne and it looks like it would work well both as an eye shadow and highlighter. I’m not going to swatch this one until I’m sure that I want to keep this. I might gift it to one of my husband’s nieces (wait, that makes them my nieces as well right?!). I’m definitely keeping the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet. I own lots of UD 24/7 eye pencils and most of them are actually travel sized ones that I’d get during ULTA’s after Holiday sale. Eye liner is one of the few makeup items I’d first reach for, so I’ll get good use out of this one. The Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm I got is in the shade of Apple Pink. I think it might look okay on me. I know that my husband tends to like more natural looking shades on me as opposed to a bright red or pink. But I do have a ton of lip products already, so I’m not sure if I want to commit to this or not. The dr. brandt® Microdermabrasion is definitely a keeper as I’m into this type of facial care products these days. Another definite keeper is the Demeter Jasmine Perfume Oil Roll On. I LOVE Jasmine. It’s my favorite floral scent. This one has a teeny bit of artificial smell to it, but it’s still jasmine to the core. I thought this month’s makeup bag looks really cool, but I’ll be passing it on to someone else that can give it more love.

Elizabeth Mott pop! goes the shadow

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm

dr. brandt® Microdermabrasion

Demeter Jasmine Perfume Oil Roll On

Overall, great bag as it did not disappoint! I hope this keeps on with the next bags I’m getting.

Zoya Summer Magical Pixie Collection

The latest press release that I am drooling over is something I have to share.

Zoya Summer Magical Pixie Collection

Kitty like. In fact, Kitty LOVE! Let me tell you guys something. I’ve been busy the past week cause I just got married. Zoya holds a special place in my heart because I ended up using Zoya Cosmo for my mani and pedi. I wanted a holographic shade, but my nails are uneven in length and on the shorter side for most of my fingers. I didn’t think it would look good. I wanted a shade that would dry fast too because I was running around last minute setting up the stuff for the reception and I only have a couple minutes to spare. Solution? Enter a Zoya Magical Pixie shade. I picked Cosmo since it would go with my dress and man…..what a lifesaver! It dried SUPER fast. Forget the top coat — I didn’t have time for it. I applied 2 coats for my pedi in between curling my own hair and right before I went downstairs of the hotel for pictures? I slapped on a coat of that on my fingers. Talk about last minute, huh?!

Zoya Summer Magical Pixie Collection

So yeah, you can see why I’m so in love with Zoya’s Magical Pixie stuff right now. I think Zoya Bar would’ve gone well with my dress as well, but my wedding is over and done with. This might be useful information for someone else though. I didn’t use a top coat after application, but I didn’t find the texture bothersome or in the way at all. Trust me, on that day a lot of things are just a blur. ;)

Wedding DIY #5 – Hospitality Baskets

Today’s post is on something wedding related (again), but it’s not something new. I’ve seen it before years ago when I was still living in the East Coast at a wedding I attended. I saw it at the last wedding I attended too. I just put the basics together of what I could think of my guests possibly needing that I can provide such as antacids, safety pins, body sprays, face wipes, shout wipes, lint remover, gum and more. Shown below is what the basket would look like for the women’s restroom. The men’s basket is more sparse due to the fact that there are things in the women’s basket that doesn’t apply to men at all or have an equivalent object to it (like hair ties, bobby pins and feminine products).

Hospitality Baskets

I hope it comes in handy for some. I know that the last wedding I attended (which was my cousin’s), my fiance got a killer headache and the pain pills came in handy. Thanks cuz! Now, I hope to return the favor to someone else when needed!

Wedding DIY #4 – OOT Guests Welcome Bags

We just picked up the first of our out-of-town guests today! Being that most of them had to travel quite a way to get here, I wanted to make sure that I provide them some goodies in a bag for their convenience. I’ve received welcome bags from the last 2 weddings I have attended as an out-of-town guest. I worked from there for ideas on what to include in my OOT Guests Welcome Bags.

OOT Guests Welcome Bags

I stuffed a bunch of things in the gift bag. Shown are contents for a one person welcome bag. Just double the food and drink portion for the most part for welcome bags for 2 people. Each person gets a water bottle, a bag of goldfish crackers, 2 bags of chips, 2 packets of sandwich crackers, a pack of mint gum, a pack of sweet gum, a wine topper favor, a bookmark favor, a mini spatula favor with accompanying local baking mixes, a few packets of headache medicine and antacids, various pamphlets in relation to things to do in town, and not shown is a box of plain M&M’s and a homemade map with markers of restaurants and things like gas stations or drugstores nearby. I have one family with young children (2 under 3) and I also included stuff for them like a block puzzle set, various rubber duckies and a small blow up toy of a ship for the bath (they have 2 boys). Welcome bags for females contain a night mask too just for fun (unless they’re really using it to aid with sleep). I got most of the food items in bulk at our local Sam’s Club and the pamphlets are from the visitor’s center in Norman. They were so nice when we stopped by there to pick up a few thing for our guests. They gave us more than we thought we were getting! They even included a pad of post-its for each welcome bag.

OOT Guests Welcome Bags (food and drink portion)

OOT Guests Welcome Bags (favors portion)

OOT Guests Welcome Bags (pamphlets and stuff)

I’m handing the rest of them out tomorrow. I sure hope it helps some of our out-of-town guests out. I know that my uncle from Philly already started with some of the bags of chips in his bag! :)

Wedding DIY #3 – Wedding Card Box

Hey guys! Here’s another DIY item I made for my upcoming wedding. I got this idea both from another member of wedding website theknot and online pictures of various wedding card boxes. I’ve seen wedding card boxes and they all look so pretty! The price tag? Not so much. I figured I could just DIY it, but I kept putting it off until I saw another reader on theknot taking the plunge in making her own wedding card box. I wanted to keep it simple and not too tall, so I settled for 2 boxes fused together. I added some finishing touches to it to get the look I want. Here’s my DIY Wedding Card Box.

Wedding Card Box

To make this, I just took 2 boxes with the same shape and one that can nest into the other in size. I then cut into the taped up bigger box a huge hole that’s smaller than the base of the smaller box. I also cut a hole at the bottom side of the smaller box and a slit on the top of the smaller box for guests to drop their cards into. The hole in the bigger box will take care of any cards that are bigger in nature. All cards will just drop all the way down into the big box. I purchased the Damask wrapping paper from Michael’s for $1 and proceed to wrap the bigger box with it. If I had paid attention more to the print, I would’ve used the wrapping paper around the box upright instead of sideways. In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t care really and didn’t want to waste more paper so I didn’t redo it. I got a roll of white paper from the Dollar Tree and wrapped the smaller box with that. I then used a few small bits of those double-sided foam mounting square adhesives that’s used for hanging posters and stuff to hold up the ribbon around the smaller box. I got the ribbon sash from Michael’s on clearance. I forgot how much it was but it was a discounted item in their wedding section. I thought maybe I could use that as a sash with my dress, but I didn’t really like how it looked. I’m glad that I managed to repurpose it, so nothing went to waste! I then attached the smaller box on top of the bigger box, carefully placing it over the cut out part on top of the bigger box on the base. I then used a glue gun to attach them both together. I got a little scissor happy with the hole of the bottom box that it wasn’t fully centered, but oh well. It wasn’t worth for me to redo it either.

Wedding Card Box (direct sunlight)

What do you guys think?

Wedding Treats Suggestions

So….I figured I’d put together a Wedding Treats Suggestions post being that the day is drawing near. I wondered about what pretty and pampering stuff a bride-to-be would enjoy. I shopped my stash on what I already own and what was sent to me for ideas. This is only a small part of what I can think of now for a bride-to-be, so get creative and think of what you would enjoy if you were in my place!

Wedding Treats Suggestions

Wedding Treats Suggestions (lighting changed)

I bet you can spot some items from LUSH, Zoya, Revlon and Ciate in the shots above. LUSH has always been a luxury homemade brand to me. I’ve used several of their items before (reviewed a few here) and while I find them to lean towards the pricey side for bath and body products, there are a few things I am more than willing to plunk down my hard earned cash on from that store. With that said, you can’t go wrong with LUSH items for a bride-to-be most of the time. Spotted in the picture from LUSH are Sex Bomb bath bomb, Tender Is The Night massage bar and Flying Fox shower gel. Oh yes….LUSH can get down with sexy. The first bath bomb I ever purchased from them is actually Sex Bomb. I love how it looks and smells. As with most of their bath bombs, you can choose to drop the entire thing for a relaxing bath or use half of it now and save the other half for later. Their Tender Is The Night massage bar smells so good and contains a lot of great ingredients such as murumuru butter and shea butter. Everything about this item exudes sexiness. The Flying Fox shower gel looks innocent enough, but it is a sensual explosion of fragrance in your shower. Jasmine? Check. Ylang ylang? Check. Honey? HONEY?! Check all the way. LUSH definitely has a way of making your bath and body experience feel luxurious from start to finish of product use.

One might also know that a lot of brides have given much thought to what their wedding nails would look like. And not just the hands, the feet as well! I threw in 3 of the latest nail polish shades from Zoya that I thought would be a good option for wedding nails. Their Magical Pixie Collection is light enough to use for a wedding mani (you can go bold and dark, but the look I’m going for is light and easy). I threw in the Ciate ones as they are embellishments that I’ve seen in some magazines and online for wedding nail art. I’m personally not going to do any nail art for my wedding mani, but these look like something some brides may want to work with for theirs. They look fun, but not quite for me on my wedding day. I still think I’m going to use a holo shade. Maybe light pink or beige.

I threw in a couple of lip products that are easy to use and can make a girl feel sexy with barely an effort at all. Most makeup addicts know all about the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms. They are very pigmented and last a decent amount of time. I chose the bold and sultry colors of Striking and Standout. I intend to pick up at least 3 more of these later on. They go on very nicely on the lips and I always feel good wearing them. Also in the picture is a similar type of product for a cheaper price point — Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain. The shades shown are Tropical Frenzy and Candied Coral. These ones aren’t matte, but I find them to be quite pigmented and they last pretty long as well. If I had to choose between these lip products, I’d go with the Revlon one. There’s something about a bold matte color that’s very sexy. When thinking more about the bridal look, the matte shades might be too bold. The Jordana ones are probably a better option for just a light sheen of moisturizing color on the lips.

Last item in the picture is one of my favorite scents. I stumbled upon Versace Bright Crystal by accident. I was on a beauty swap on the purse forum I belong to and was gifted one of those fragrance sampler kits from Sephora. It comes with 12 sample vials of different perfumes and a voucher to redeem for a full-sized bottle of what you like most among the 12. Versace Bright Crystal was the one for me. The scent is so beautiful, light, sexy, and sophisticated.

Wedding Treats Suggestions (close-up)

I can think of other things to include but these are the ones that caught my eye immediately and I know that these would get me feeling just a little bit sexier in no time. What are other things you can think of that will fit into this category? I know that I’d enjoy getting these things as a bride-to-be. I’d love to use these to pamper myself just a little bit whether it’s before or after the big day!

Wedding DIY #2 – Personalized Wedding M&M’s

Hey guys! I almost forgot about posting this today! Whew! This week, I’m covering things in relation to my wedding. Here’s my second wedding favor with a DIY component to it. It’s just the packaging really since I purchased the M&M’s from the website for some personalization. I randomly chose the 3 colors it asked for that I thought would look good together. No, I don’t have a Tiffany blue theme or anything like that. I just liked how these 3 colors looked together the first time I tried placing an order. I knew I wanted white and I thought I’d go with blue. I didn’t want to go with the dark blue that’s part of their core colors, so I chose the light blue. The last part was easy — just finding a color that complements both and I ended up liking teal the most. So here’s what the end result looks like for my Personalized Wedding M&M’s!

Personalized Wedding M&M’s

They’re pretty pricey when you actually break the numbers down compared to regular M&M’s, but I thought they were cute and I took advantage of a 20% off offer (they come once in a while). You get to choose 2 text and 2 graphic/photo design as well. The text design can hold 2 lines each if I remember right. These will print on the other side where the “m” is not present. I just chose our names “John & Kathy” and “Just Married!” (I thought about printing the date as one of the options, but the Matchbook Wedding Mints bears the date and it would look redundant I thought). You can upload a custom graphic/photo too, but I didn’t want to mess with that after reading some reviews online. The most common complaint that made me steer clear of the custom graphic/photo is that the outcome was blurry or too light. They have some cute graphics already anyway, so I settled for the clinking glasses and the wedding cake. I had my fiancé proofread my order before I placed it because you can’t really cancel it once you go through with it. It took less than a week to get to me if I remember right. I ended up ordering a total of 5 lbs of the printed ones and 2 lbs each of just the colored ones to cut a bit on cost. I planned for 70 guests and am ending up with around 55 I think, but it all worked out because the clear boxes I got were a decent size and I weighed out 3.5 ounces of candy into each box (when I started the weighing part, it made me think about drug dealers weighing out their goods — LOL). In the very end, I ended up with a teeny bit of the printed ones and I was still a few boxes short. I mixed it in with some regular M&M’s and will be giving those out to our youngest guests. I reasoned too that mixing it with the regular colored ones will make them look more familiar maybe (and more colorful!).

I started tying them with the white mesh ribbon, but ran out close to the end. I forgot to take one of those for some reason, so that one’s not in any of the pictures. I had some white satin ribbon on hand and ended up using those until I have a couple left. I had another roll of ribbon with a scallop like design in both white and ivory. I used those to finish up the rest.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white satin ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white scalloped ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (kid’s ivory scalloped ribbon)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white satin ribbon top view)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (white scalloped ribbon top view)

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (kid’s ivory scalloped ribbon top view)

My favorite ribbon to use out of all of them is the white satin one. I think it looks more polished.

Personalized Wedding M&M’s (my favorite out of the 3)

This is as DIY as I can get with this particular wedding favor. There are other ways you can spice it up instead of using ribbons. I thought about the customized sticker option (a monogram or graphic or graphic and text relating to your wedding), but I already had ribbons on hand so I decided to just use them up this way. Stickers would’ve been a heck a lot faster though!

Sally Hansen Blow Bubbles

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Today’s post is on one of those new shades from Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine line. It’s a softer, lighter shade that’s perfect any time of the year really. Here’s Sally Hansen Blow Bubbles.

Sally Hansen Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles is a light pink that struck me as being duochrome a little bit (but not really). It shows a teeny flash of bright pink and I was actually expecting purple. But it’s still a pretty, light shade. This is a good one to use over other shades I think, like crème pink or purples and such. Formula was pleasant to work with. Shown is 3 thin coats with no top coat.

Sally Hansen Blow Bubbles (in shade)

Sally Hansen Blow Bubbles (direct sunlight)

Sally Hansen Blow Bubbles (close-up)

I contemplated using this for my wedding mani, but I think I’m going with a holo still. :)

This should be available generally wherever Sally Hansen is retailed.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey

In one of MISSHA orders last year, I picked up a few hand creams they have on clearance to try them out. Today’s post is on one of them. Here’s MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey.

MISSHA Moist 24 Hand Cream Manuka Honey

At 70 ml, this lotion is handy enough to fit into your travel essentials. The front of the squeeze tube reads long lasting moisturizing effect derived from nature”.

The back of the bottle actually has Korean text, but there is a small silver square sticker with the product description and details in English. It states the following:

  • Containing manuka honey from New Zealand and sunflower extract, it keeps your skin healthy by providing abundant nutrients.
  • Containing MOIST 24™, it keeps your skin moisturized all day long.
  • It is well absorbed into your skin with fresh afterfeel and makes your hands soft without stickiness.

“DIRECTIONS: Apply an appropriate amount over the hands when you feel dry or after washing the hands.

CAUTION: For external use only. Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.


Verdict? Not bad. The scent can be pretty strong for some, but it dissipates quickly. It is a light soapy scent that I can’t quite narrow it down to what it is. It smells very, very familiar. The hand cream itself is white, but not stark white. It’s more like a gel white, which has a little bit of translucent property to it. It goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It does make my hands feel moisturized, but I’ve had various other hand lotions and creams that works better in that department. I find myself having to reapply more often. It’s not greasy at all and that gets a thumbs up in my book. I find that a lot of hand creams, rather than hand lotions, have a hard time finding that balance in terms of not falling into the too greasy bucket while being moisturizing.

I got this for a cool $3 online here when it was on this super sale or clearance last year. I see that it’s currently selling for $4.90.

Zoya Magical Pixie Swatches

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve shown some nail swatches here because I was curing several breaks and tears. But when I finally got around to getting some done, this is the collection I reached for — Zoya Magical Pixie Swatches. Here they are shown in the order of the press release.

First up is Cosmo.

Zoya Cosmo

I absolutely adore this shade. It’s a glitter with silver holographic particles. What’s not to love? It is described as “a silver crystal sparkle, textured PixieDust with mega hex iridescent particles”. This type of shade isn’t new at all (I think of OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle) but that’s a limited edition shade so those that missed out on the OPI can get this Zoya one. Comparison between the 2 is that they’re similar but Zoya Cosmo has a textured finish and it’s more packed. Glitter in both will differ as well, which is why I see them more as similar and definitely not as dupes. Shown is one generous coat with no top coat.

Zoya Cosmo (in shade)

Zoya Cosmo (direct sunlight)

Zoya Cosmo (close-up)

Next up is Vega.

Zoya Vega

Vega is the blue version of Cosmo basically. It’s packed with the same glittery goodness and bears the same texture finish. It is described as “blue opal sparkle, textured PixieDust with mega hex iridescent particles”. Formula is great to work with. Shown is one generous coat with no top coat.

Zoya Vega (in shade)

Zoya Vega (direct sunlight)

Zoya Vega (close-up)

Lastly, here’s Lux.

Zoya Lux

Lux is basically the same exact thing as Cosmo and Vega except in Pink. This is described as “a rose quartz sparkle textured PixieDust with mega hex iridescent particles”. Formula is great to work with and it dries really fast. Shown is one generous coat with no top coat.

Zoya Lux (in shade)

Zoya Lux (lighting changed)

Zoya Lux (direct sunlight)

Zoya Lux (close-up)

Zoya Lux (lighting changed again)

This is Zoya’s offering for the texture trend that’s been very popular in the nail polish world the past few months. “Imagine the best-selling Zoya PixieDust formula amped up with larger glitter and the first ever holographic pixie particle – for a never before seen magical effect!” I personally don’t care much for the texture trend, but I can safely say that these Zoya’s are my favorite among all the textured polishes I’ve seen. I don’t care much for non-glitter texture polishes really. Some non-glittery texture shades can pass off as cute to me (like a mint color), but I certainly have no desire to get them in every shade possible. I like the formula for these as I didn’t have to pat or strategically place the glitter on the nail like some other hex glitter polishes from various brands.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Tangle Teezer

During my last trip to Sally Beauty Supply, I took advantage of their red tag clearance deals and I also remembered to pick up this curious gem I’ve been hearing about called Tangled Teezer.

Tangle Teezer

First, I gawked at the price. But once I got over it and reasoned with myself that it could be the holy grail of brushes in my life, I purchased it. Is it worth it?

First, I picked the original design over their newer one. This just seems to call out to me more and the color scheme is my cup of tea. It’s made of pretty durable, brightly colored plastic material (at least I think so). It fits in my hand really well and is easy to use. The insert states the following:

“Tangle Teezer boasts a revolutionary teeth formation that delivers speedy and gentle results. Helps minimize hair breakage caused by mistreatment when detangling. Promotes healthy looking hair by noticeably increasing shine, leaving it looking silky smooth after styling.”

This product works for all kinds of hair, wet or dry. I know a lot of beauty bloggers that own this use it in the shower, but the brand also makes one specifically for the shower. I have been using this for 2 weeks now and I love it. The AHA moment is definitely the first time I used it on both instances of wet and dry hair. On dry hair — it removes tangles without the tugging that results in hair breaking off. On wet hair — very effective in detangling compared to a comb. I’m not quite sure what the secret behind this is, whether it’s the soft bristles or partly some psychological conditioning on having a gentler hand in brushing because it has softer bristles. Bottom line is it works. Gone are the days when I would fight with my hair to get the tangles out. Half the time, using a comb results in pain and hair breakage. No more, my friends. No more.

Tangle Teezer (shot to show the bristles)

This retails for $12.99 each at your local Sally Beauty Supply store. You can also nab this online here. I’m not sure where else it’s sold, but I’m hoping they will be available in mass retail stores soon. There are so many fun designs and colors that I’ve seen other people have and I want in on the fun too! I’m looking into getting at least one more for the shower and one in the car. For a size reference, here it is next to my computer mouse (which I think is the standard PC mouse size):

Tangle Teezer and PC Mouse size comparison

Very important to note that the box says specifically in bold lettering: Do not use with heat.

Wedding DIY #1 – Matchbook Wedding Mints

I’ve mentioned here and there in my blog posts about my upcoming wedding (less than 2 weeks away!) and thought I’d share a few things from it that I’ve done. I’ll post the invitations later on, but what I do have pictures of on hand right now are of one of the 4 wedding favors I have for my guests. 3 of them have a DIY component and one doesn’t (haha, photo booth — surprise, surprise!). So here’s the first one I’m sharing with you guys: Matchbook Wedding Mints!

Matchbook Wedding Mints

You can make this matchbook holder for any other party occasion really. I think it’s really cute! I thought about ordering actual matchbook matches and having our names and date of the wedding on it, but then I already got the mints and thought why not have mints housed in there instead of matches? I sketched it out roughly but wasn’t sure how to hold the mints onto the card stock I’ll be using, so I looked it up online. I’m glad I did because I thought about using a glue gun and I think the stapler method is much better (and faster as well as easier). I used a sheet of card stock the size of regular paper and that’s enough exactly for 4 of these. My fiancé didn’t have Microsoft Word on my PC at home, so I used Open Office instead and it worked out perfectly. I was able to select the 4 column option after setting it to landscape and it actually lightly prints out the lines to divide them. I used a pair of scissors to cut down the lines for 4 rectangular pieces. It took trial and error for me to figure out where the creases should be (I have buttermints here and other mints like Lifesavers may be smaller so the overall size is smaller). I folded a bottom part nicely for the top flap to be able to tuck into it to close. I then make folds/creases to accommodate the fullness and length of the buttermints. I did this all initially in a trial run with regular white paper since it’s not as firm as card stock. Once I figured out roughly the measurements, I entered the text I wanted in the front and on the “spine”.

To assemble, I make all the creases I need in the card stock. I then stuck 2 mints in it and gauged where to punch in the staple at the very ends where the seal is so as to not pierce the candy wrapper to retain the freshness of the buttermints. I tucked one end of the buttermints into the small flap and then staple them in place. I then tuck the top flap of the other end under the flap on the stapled side. Shown below is what it looks like opened up.

Matchbook Wedding Mints (opened up)

I didn’t take a picture of the text on the spine part, but it says “Thank You!” there. As mentioned earlier, you can use this to DIY favors for other events as well like baby or wedding showers and birthdays just to mention a few. I chose a card stock that’s a marble like print so my text will have to be simple. I’ve seen some online where they used a plain colored card stock (like cream or white) and they incorporated a logo or some clip art in color.

Target Spring 2014 Beauty Box

Some of you guys saw that I got my Target Beauty Box about a week ago on my Instagram account here. I thought about skipping it this time around, but I’m glad I didn’t! There is a good number of things in here for me to try out. I had to call to get my shipping waived because it was supposed to come with free shipping in the first place (but this was not the case when I checked out online). This deal is available online only and is gone by now (you really gotta be quick with this as it goes fast), but definitely keep your eyes peeled cause it’s worth it! Here’s what I got with mine:

Target Spring 2014 Beauty Box

Everything came in a white reusable sturdy cardboard box. Everyone else I know that got this received the same exact things in it with the exception of the CoverGirl lip gloss. Some got it in a pink color.

L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies Sizzle Gloss

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

TONI&GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

When I was inspecting the contents of the box, my man exclaimed that it’s worth it for the L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly mascara alone. Why he said that? I don’t know. Did he know that it’s true? It’s a 50-50 chance with that guess, but I think he did guess that the mascara alone costs more than $5 plus tax (and he’s right at that). There’s also a $3 off $15 on beauty purchases at Target coupon included in the box, which makes this deal even sweeter. I’ve never used a texturizing spray before, so I’m curious if I’ll like it or not. I’ve never used a dry shampoo before either. I just never got around to picking one up after doing some research, but this saves me the time and effort for it. The Jergens item….I know and have seen what a BB cream can do for the face in terms of makeup; I’m just not quite convinced it’s just as effective for the body. But sure, I’ll give it a shot anyway. I grew up with this brand and haven’t gotten anything from them since I came to the US (2000).

Stick around for some reviews (eventually) on some of these items. Were you able to get the box and if so, which is your favorite item?

LUSH Lemony Flutter

Hey guys! Today’s post is on something I’ve been testing for months now. It’s one of my favorite products from LUSH to date. It’s one of the first I tried too! Here’s my take on LUSH Lemony Flutter.

LUSH Lemony Flutter

Described as “LEMONY, BUTTERY CUTICLE CREAM”, this product comes in 1.5 oz and retails for $16.95. More luscious description found on their website:

“We made Lemony Flutter to soften your dry, cracked cuticles and nourish your nails; it’s our thickest, zestiest cream yet. In fact, it’s so good at softening, our customers have been using it on other rough body parts, like feet, elbows and knees too. Fresh lemons infusion is lovingly blended in our rich butter base to brighten skin and lighten nails. Each batch contains twenty-two pounds of beeswax and cold-pressed avocado oil to moisturize and soften your skin. There are so many nutritious butters and oils in each pot, it’s no wonder that such a little amount can go such a long way.”

Directions indicated on their website are as follows: “Apply Lemony Flutter to your cuticles, an all the areas that need a little extra TLC, including feet, elbows, and knees. With LUSH products a little goes a long way, so start with a little and use more if desired.”

What I love about this product? First and foremost, the smell. It’s not a fake lemony smell that you get with some furniture polish and such. At least to me, it isn’t. My dog tried to take it from my dresser and I can tell you it’s based on smell. In fact, right now my Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment is missing from my dresser and he’s the culprit. We caught him many times moving it around, but never managed to open it (although he did come very close to one time). Trust me when I say that their directions ring true — start with a little cause a little bit of this does go a long way. I just dip my pinky finger in for a small amount and dab that onto my cuticles. It keeps it soft and moisturized all the time. A lot of nail bloggers love this stuff! I actually don’t find this greasy at all really, more like a bit tacky and that’s the only possible downside I could see with it. It becomes an instant dog hair magnet, but it’s a small price to pay for nicely conditioned cuticles co-existing with such a handsome dog. Plus, I don’t mind the slight tackiness at all. I use it right before I go to bed! :)

What I don’t like about this product? Like I mentioned above, it has a slight tackiness to it and some people might be bothered by it. It doesn’t bother me at all and it’s better than greasy (and greasiness attracts dog hair and dust just as much if not more!). If I have a hand cream with the texture of this formula though, I’d pass. I wouldn’t mind it also on the other parts of my body they mentioned in the directions since it’s a smaller area compared to my entire arm or leg, but I’d still apply it right before I go to bed. As a cuticle cream, it works well for me.

This item is available exclusively at LUSH stores worldwide and online.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color

Hey guys! Milani’s been on a roll with their lip products for the past few years. This year is no exception. I took my time giving each line of theirs a fair review and here’s my take on the Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color (shot to show shade names)

These are described as:

  • Infused with pure pigments for a shockingly intense full tip color
  • Application of a gloss with the longevity of a lipstick
  • Lightweight, full coverage formula
  • Made in Italy

The product packaging wasn’t my favorite, but how it performs amazed me. This type of packaging makes me think of leaves, so I’ll call it leaf tubes from now on. It has a sponge tip applicator to spread the super pigmented formula onto the lips. Initially, I thought this was going to be a wet mess because of the formula. It’s more viscous than most lip glosses without any tackiness. But no! When applied evenly, it’s perfect. It sits nicely on the lips giving me no fear of dripping or anything like that. I found that I didn’t need to dip into the tube again for more product during application. Once is enough. It’s almost like a stain really. The staying power is very impressive for what the product is. It lasted through light snacking and sips of water with minimal wear. Gloss effect is high and the colors are bold and bright. Scent is a little similar to a lot of the other Milani lip products, but not the same. There seems to be a hint of vanilla, but that’s where the similarity ends. One thing I strongly encourage is to use this with a lip liner. In my experience, you will have some feathering after a while. This is available in 4 different shades and I have 3 on hand to show you swatches. For each shade, I applied it with the sponge tip applicator it comes with evenly on my arm. I applied it just like I would on my lips.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color (in shade)

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color (direct sunlight)

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color (with flash)

These retail for $6.49 each and should now be available in retail stores where Milani is sold. Otherwise, try nabbing it online on their website.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Save The Blow Dry

Alright, y’all know me as being open to trying out new things and stepping out of my comfort zone every once in a while. Well, when I was given the opportunity to review this product I didn’t think I’d find it very useful. I am more or less a shampoo everyday kind of girl based on my hair type. My hair would just get greasy by the end of day 2 most of the time. And so, I wash it just about everyday. Being that it’s not greasy really until the end of day 2, I could get away with shampooing every other day though still. I just didn’t like the feeling of not washing it. It has also been said that shampooing everyday is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, feel free to look it up on the web about the no-shampoo movement. The theory behind it is that people who are and aren’t having trouble with the amount of grease in their hair are shampooing too much. The more you shampoo, the more active the oil glands are on your scalp so it produces more oil (which in turn leads to the amount of grease in hair). I’ve experienced a month or 2 of this cycle about 3 summers ago, but I kept on washing my hair every single day to keep it under control. In the winter though, it’s the same story for me every single year. My scalp gets dry and hair becomes more brittle. It is also time for the Holidays and that’s when I try to mix it up with my hairstyle. I would curl my hair for special events, but I do it rarely since it takes a lot of time to do it. In fact, I would wake up the next day and look at all the curls still intact and pretty. But I know as soon as I hit the shower, there is no way to save them. And this is where Save The Blow Dry comes in.

Save The Blow Dry

So, is this something I would normally buy? No. But after trying it out, do I recommend it and will I get another in case something happens to the one I already have? Hell yes. Let me explain.

First, it works very well. On a day I don’t want to get my hair wet because I have it curled or what not, I put this on and proceed as usual. I made sure I tucked all the hair under the cap. I was very apprehensive at first, thinking about skirting around the steady stream of water in the shower. Then I thought to myself how can I review this thoroughly unless I put it through every normal scenario I can think possible? So I just took my shower like I normally would, sometimes with the stream of water hitting directly where the top of my head is. I dried myself and hopped out to check the state of my hair. My hair is bone dry, either straight or with perfect curls cascading down my back. There were no spots on the cap for water to enter and ruin my hair. The inside of the cap is made of extremely soft micro weave towelling and the outer layer is completely waterproof. Looks to be made of very durable plastic material unlike the flimsy material most shower caps are made of. It is nothing compared to any shower cap I’ve ever used and that’s partly why I’m actually excited to be owning a shower cap for once. This is also extremely roomy that it holds all my hair in its curled glory. Let me tell you something: my hair is long. It was able to house my hair all curled (takes up more volume) with no problems. I actually like the pink color as well as the pink bows print on the cap. I’ve used this almost 10 times and my hair is dry and in the same state it was in before I tucked it into the cap.

Save The Blow Dry

This retails for £14.95 each, but is on sale this month for £9.99! It’s available online here. While it’s not available locally in the US yet, this comes out to be roughly $16.50 before shipping. I personally think it’s worth it for a one-time fee on something that I actually want to keep and that works really well. Also, this is available in turquoise but it is limited edition. The print it features has blow dryers, brushes and combs on it. If you’re seriously considering getting this, I’d recommend getting it now while it’s on sale. I’ll say it again, in my opinion it’s worth the investment.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

ipsy March 2014 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my ipsy March Glam Bag not too long ago. I’ll keep this short and sweet cause I’m in a rush. Here’s what I got with my ipsy March 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy March 2014 Glam Bag

So last month’s Glam Bag was the worst I’ve ever gotten. This month’s the exact opposite. Content-wise, this is the best Glam Bag I’ve received to date. I’m keeping all of the items I got. The first one that caught my eye is the Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad. The quad I got is called Bora Bora. The colors are vibrant and almost jewel toned (I included the photo with flash since it shows the jewel toned aspect more). It really drew me in and I knew the moment I saw it that I’m keeping it (and I didn’t have to with all the makeup I already own!). I haven’t tried it yet, but you bet that a review is coming up on this down the road. In fact, go on their website to look what other quads they have. I have my eye on Barcelona next! Next up is the Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer. I haven’t used that many makeup primers, so this would be a good one to try and compare with the ones I already own. I don’t use it much, but when I do it makes a difference on how long my makeup lasts. It’s more of a “nice to have” type of makeup item in my opinion. Now, y’all know I already own tons of nail polish. Well, I didn’t have any from Nicole By OPI’s new Roughles line. The shade I got is called On What Grounds? and it came just in time for Easter! It’s a mint shade with the texture of what the Rougles line is known for. The speckled look does go with Easter too and this shade is a pastel green mint. I’m keeping this just because it suits the occasion. Last up is the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie™ Lipstick in Get Ready. I originally was going to keep this for myself, but being that I already have tons of lipsticks open I opted to save this for my mom. She’s coming to my wedding and I’ve already accumulated a ton of stuff for her that she’ll have to sift through. I don’t think she can bring a good number of them, but I remember her asking me about those makeup minis. I didn’t care for this months makeup bag although I thought it’s cool that it features an artist and it’s made of a waterproof-like material (not sure if it is, but it is compared to some of the materials the other bags were made of).

Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad

Be A Bombshell Eyeshadow Quad (with flash)

Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer

Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Roughles

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie™ Lipstick

Overall, can’t complain. This is the first bag where I’m keeping everything! Now I can’t wait for next month’s bag.

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve taken time to do some of the DIY stuff for my upcoming wedding. I’ll share some of it later on in the future. I also finally took the time to paint my toenails a pretty shade of blue (Sephora Blue Strass) while watching Amityville. I’ve been on an old horror movies kick lately. I watched The Initiation the other night and man, I find old horror movies better than the ones we get these days (maybe with the exception of ones like Insidious). Even though the movie quality isn’t as good, the props and editing are subpar compared to movies of current times….they’re so much better in terms of concept and thought and even execution on some! But anyway, today’s post is on another new offering from Milani for 2014! Here’s Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters.

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters (shot to show shade names)

These are described as:

  • Perfect duo for a luminous effect around the eyes
  • Can be used as a brightener, highlighter & eye shadow
  • Brow lifting, light diffusing pigments
  • Defines the eyebrows
  • Emphasizes a fresh complexion under the brow arch
  • Easy to use and blend
  • Sharpens with Milani’s Duo Pencil Sharpener
  • Made in Gemany

I wasn’t sure how to use this product initially, but after reading the text on the packaging and experimenting a little — it’s not that hard really. Each pencil comes with 2 shades on the 2 different ends. There are 3 shades to choose from and you can decide based on the swatches which ones might work on you best if you’re not getting all 3. For the price though, they’re pretty affordable. For the first 2 shades, one end is matte and the other has a light tinge of shimmer. The last shade (03) has 2 non-shimmery shades with one end that’s light and one end that’s dark. It’s the only shade, for me, that I can use the dark end directly on my eyebrow as an eyebrow pencil. The other 2 shades (01 and 02) are strictly everything but on the eyebrow use for me. I’ve used the lightly shimmery end on the inner corners of my eye to make my eyes pop as well as on my eyelid as an eye shadow. I’ve used the matte end of these purely as an eye shadow base and a highlighter underneath the brow bone. Do apply a light stroke and blend as my mistake the first time was applying too much. I tried blending it out, but no dice. I’ve put on too much product and it definitely gave my brow a new look let me tell ya! Formula was a dream. They’re so creamy and pigmented. Lasting time was long. I got at least 8 full hours from it before I removed it when I got home. It doesn’t give a fine line for the thinner and sharp end of the eyebrows unless you get use out of it to a point where you need to sharpen them, but that’s alright with me — I don’t really intend to use this on my eyebrows at all. If you only intend to stick to one shade only, I’d go with either 01 or 02 in whatever shade goes with your skin tone more. In swatches shown below, I gently swiped the pencil ends twice onto my arm for each shade to show how creamy and pigmented they are.

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters Swatches (in shade)

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters Swatches (direct sunlight)

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters Swatches (lighting changed)

Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters Swatches (with flash)

These retail for $6.49 each and should now be available in retail stores where Milani is sold. Otherwise, try nabbing it online on their website.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

My Picks from KBShimmer Spring 2014

I’m sure some of y’all have made your own picks from this collection. As much as I’d love to get them all, I’ll probably limit myself to 5. I keep putting getting myself some of these mainly because of price. I do love supporting indie brands, so I’ll be bound to bite the bullet sooner or later. But moving on, here’s my 5 picks from their Spring 2014 collection:

KBShimmer Rush Flower Traffic

This is a WHOA! shade for me. I love it. I love glitter and I love this combination. It’s bold, pretty and fun at the same time. If I had to pick one from this entire collection, this would be it.

KBShimmer Prism Break

A holo! HOLO = LOVE! ‘Nuff said. The name is a bonus. Love it.

KBShimmer Quick And Flirty

Another holo! I’m such a sucker for these things. Thank goodness this is not an all holo collection or else I’d be collecting them all like Pokemons!

KBShimmer Belle Of The Mall

I’m surprised I love this as much as I do. I tend to love red based shades cause it’s my favorite shade, but I feel like I already own several ones that looks just like this. But it calls to me even so.

KBShimmer Laugh Myself Lily

The last one to make my cut is this beauty. I’m leaning towards these light bluish shades these past few months cause I think it’s a perfect wedding color (and as y’all know, I’m knee deep in this especially since it’s a month away!). And I’m glad I decided to choose just 5 because to me, there is a fine line in my decision-making with this collection and this is where I draw it. All the other shades are nice but nothing that made me take a second look like these 5 above.

So, what are your picks?

Milani Baked Blush 2014

Hey guys! Today’s post is on something that I usually don’t blog about — blushes! But I’ve recently got the chance to try these brand new offerings from Milani for 2014 and color me impressed! Here’s Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink and Bella Rosa.

Milani Baked Blush

Milani Baked Blush (Delizioso Pink and Bella Rosa)

Milani Baked Blush Delizioso Pink

Milani Baked Blush Bella Rosa

These are described as:

  • Buildable cheek color with luminous finish
  • Multi-purpose; shapes, contours and highlights cheeks
  • Easy to use and streak-free for a perfect radiant finish
  • Mirror & brush applicator included
  • Made in Italy

I wasn’t very apprehensive initially to try this product. The colors look bold and bright. I was afraid I’d end up looking like a clown. At the same time, I wasn’t sure if the product would deliver the same punch it promises just by its look. What if it actually shows up wayyyy lighter than what is expected? That has certainly happened in the past with some other makeup I’ve used. But I set all my fears aside and dived in. Boy, I’m sure glad I did! Pigmentation is simply exceptional. Very pigmented and formula goes on smoothly onto my skin. It’s not dry or kinda damp like some blushes can be. I’ve had horror experiences with blushes and eye shadows that apply patchy and/or streaky. Formula is soft and fine, which makes application a breeze. It’s almost perfect really. With that said, start application with a very light hand. It’s so easy to apply more than you want with something that has this much pigmentation. Wear time? It lasted all day for me. 8 hours at least. Gives a natural blush to the cheeks. Delizioso Pink worked better for my skin tone than Bella Rosa. It was very easy for me to go overboard with Bella Rosa, even with a light hand. But that also makes it why I love these baked blushes so much. They deliver what is promised. Finishes for both these shades are matte. There are 6 other shades available currently in Milani’s Baked Blush family. For the 2 shades I have on had, I used my fingers to apply streaks onto my arm to show pigmentation of one even swipe followed by 2 swipes for each shade. You can see in my 2 swipes for Delizioso Pink a bit of the texture of these blushes — like soft powder. You can also see what I mean by starting application of the product with a light hand with the 2 swipes of Bella Rosa — very pigmented and bold.

Milani Baked Blush Delizioso Pink and Bella Rosa Swatches (in shade)

Milani Baked Blush Delizioso Pink and Bella Rosa Swatches (direct sunlight)

Milani Baked Blush Delizioso Pink and Bella Rosa Swatches (with flash)

These retail for $6.49 each and should now be available in retail stores where Milani is sold. Otherwise, try nabbing it online on their website.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Zoya New York Fashion Week AW14 Zang Toi Nail Look

I have received several backstage coverage for NYFW on different nail looks. The one that I liked the most came from Zoya for Zang Toi.

Zoya New York Fashion Week AW14 Zang Toi Nail Look (photo credit: Zoya Nail Polish)

The look is simple and bold at the same time. The 2 shades used really pop against each other. It just so happens that it goes with this particular model’s eyes too. I’m not a huge fan of crazy nail looks and Zoya tends to stick with classic and simple, clean looks that I appreciate. Well done!

EDIT: The shades used are Peony Princess (jade green) and Art Deco Goddess (black).

If you’ve been following this past NYFW, which was your favorite nail look?

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain

Hey guys! I’ve been chugging through all of the other Milani’s new offerings for 2014 and here’s the one that surprised me the most. Here’s Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain.

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (shot to show shade names)

These are described as:

  • New non-drying formula
  • Long lasting shine, stain & color coverage
  • Easy to use twist pen with brush applicator
  • Non-feathering
  • Made in USA

I wasn’t excited about this product at first glance, but this blew all my expectations away. The unassuming simple packaging disguised such a powerful product that packs a lot of punch to bring color to your lips. To use, you have to twist on the base until product is visible in the brush tip applicator. The lip brush is initially stiff, but it will soften up with the initial use.

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain Brush Tip

Pigmentation is superb for these bold lip glosses and formula is very pleasant to apply with almost no stickiness at all. This is much pigmented than their other new offering Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss, as it should be based on the “stain” in the name. It lasts all day — even through light snacking and sips of water! Color me impressed! This definitely lives up to being called a gloss stain (lip stain with the gloss). Gloss effect is high, but not overly done. Scent is similar to a lot of the other Milani lip products, like buttery vanilla. The finish for all shades vary from cream to shimmer mostly. No surprise here, my favorite would be the shimmery ones. BUT! I am very impressed with the cream shades mostly because of how opaque and pretty the shades are. This is available in 8 different shades and I have 4 on hand to show you swatches. For each shade, I globbed it on in the first picture since I was twisting each tube to get the product out and wanted to show what the product looks like in its pure form. The second picture shows more or less what to expect with a normal application of the product with 2 gentle strokes. This is how much product I usually apply with lip glosses.

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (in shade)

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (in shade, normal application)

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (direct sunlight)

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (direct sunlight, normal application)

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (with flash)

Milani Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stain (with flash, normal application)

These retail for $6.49 each and should now be available in retail stores where Milani is sold. Otherwise, try nabbing it online on their website.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Finger Paints Shredded Chromes Collection

One word about how I feel towards this collection? Hopeful. I mean, with the Crinkled Chromes from China Glaze that I completely despised — I actually wish that another brand will bring out smooth chromes. I know mirror chrome quality polish is hard to achieve, but as close to it as it gets would be awesome. So while this doesn’t horrify me like the crinkled chromes did, I am not jumping for joy either. It does look more like foil maybe and seems more promising to me. I’m not sure how much chrome is really in this collection though. I mean, look at the shades.

Finger Paints Shredded Chromes Collection

Then again, when I think of chrome I think of mirror like finishes (think cars). One thing’s for sure, I really hope this doesn’t look anything like China Glaze’s Crinkled Chromes (it doesn’t based on the one lone shot above) or else I’m definitely passing.