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Sally Hansen Drama Sheen

Hey guys! Today’s post is on a newer shade from Sally Hansen. This actually reminds me of another shade from the same line called Blow Bubbles but a purple version of it. I like this shade better though because the duochrome property is a bit stronger. Here’s Sally Hansen Drama Sheen.

Sally Hansen Drama Sheen

Drama Sheen is a light purple with pinkish lavender shimmer. It looks like a duochrome to me with the pretty flash. As expected, the pretty flash is best observed under direct sunlight. This shade is pretty sheer but buildable. Formula was leaning on the watery side ever so slightly but it dried pretty fast. Shown is 3 coats with no top coat.

Sally Hansen Drama Sheen (in shade)

Sally Hansen Drama Sheen (direct sunlight)

Sally Hansen Drama Sheen (close-up)

A nice one to have from a drugstore brand!

This should be available generally wherever Sally Hansen is retailed.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

StyleBox by Jamberry August 2014

Hey guys! Today I want to share with y’all something new from Jamberry Nails. They’re launching a monthly subscription box called StyleBox by Jamberry. I was sent the StyleBox for August and I’m showing you guys what it comes with and the details of a contest that they’re currently running. First off, here’s StyleBox by Jamberry August 2014.

StyleBox by Jamberry August 2014

StyleBox by Jamberry August 2014 Contents

StyleBox by Jamberry August 2014 Content Detail

August 2014′s StyleBox contains 2 sheets of nail wraps, a nail file and an orange wood stick. The prints of the nail wraps are Orchid Bouquet and August StyleBox Exclusive. Jamberry Nails nail wraps employ an extra step in application of the product onto nails compared to other nail polish strips I’ve tried. You will need a mini heater or hair blow dryer to soften the nail wraps before and after applying the wrap onto the nails. I’ll be giving this another go and post my review on this later. I tried this a few years ago and it didn’t work well for me, but I was told they reformulated and I’m hoping for better results this time around.

The details on the StyleBox is that for $25 a month, you get Jamberry products delivered to your home each month with no additional shipping charge. They do have a minimum of 3 month subscription to start your subscription package. That would mean $75 is the minimum you’ll be putting out up front for a 3 month subscription. Each month’s StyleBox will contain $30 worth of Jamberry nail products (either 2 sheets of nail wraps or one sheet of nail wrap and one nail lacquer), a nail file and an orange wood stick. The nail file and orange wood stick are provided every month as they want their subscribers to have fresh application tools each time. One item is selected from their 300+ seasonal nail wrap styles and lacquers while the other item is a nail wrap that’s exclusive to only StyleBox subscribers for that month. The second item is supposedly designed to complement the first item in the StyleBox. It’s supposed to encourage nail enthusiasts to mix and match between the 2 items to suit their personal styles.

Out of curiosity, I stopped by their website to see what information they have with regards to the StyleBox. It does have the details of the pricing and what it entails as well as a style quiz. I take it and there are 3 selections for each question. The problem I have with the quiz is that on some questions, none of the choices are what I’d pick at all equally. I’m forced to make a random choice in those scenarios and it happened on 3 questions for me. At the end of the quiz, my signature style is Classic and it gives me the option to choose one of the 3 following plans:

3 months: $75 ($25 a month)
6 months: $140 ($23.34 a month)
12 months: $275 ($22.20 a month)

Then there is a note below the prices that states “*Upon completion of initial time period, your subscription will revert to Month to Month payment of $25″.

At the bottom of the screen lists all 3 style profiles available. The other 2 are Trendy and Feminine (you can manually pick one of the other 2 signature styles if you’re unhappy with the quiz results and it will refresh that screen with that signature style to check out with).

I’m going to try my hand at this later this week and put it to the test as I have with regular lacquer, fake nails and other polish strips. In the meantime, Jamberry is hosting a contest to design the next nail wrap. What does the winner get and what are the details?

“The winning design inspires a nail wrap that will appear exclusively in a future StyleBox, and in addition to all the fame and glory, the winner receives a 1-year subscription to StyleBox.

The contest will run from July 15 – July 31. Here’s how people enter:

· Step 1: Design something beautiful that would look great on nails (draw it; paint it; make it on your computer)
· Step 2: Style an outfit that complements your design
· Step 3: Snap a pic of your outfit with your design (wear it; hang it; lay it out)
· Step 4: Submit the pic on at least 1 social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), tagging @JamberryNails and using the hashtag #StyleBoxContest”

This is the sample pic for the contest entry:

StyleBox by Jamberry Contest Entry Sample

Good luck to all that are entering!

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio

I was on a passive hunt for a particular mascara and my husband spotted it at Target. I had a $3 off $15 coupon from the Target Spring 2014 Beauty Box, so I decided to pick something up from Physicians Formula to reach the total needed for it. Here’s my take on Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio

The front of the box packaging it came in states the following:

“Enhance & Define
Blue Eyes
Sharpener Included
24 Hour Wear”

The product packaging is simple but attractive. The metallic colors are pleasing to my eyes. This product comes in 4 different sets: Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes, Green Eyes, and Hazel Eyes. The one I got is Blue Eyes. I got this because the only other one available is the Green Eyes one and that didn’t come with a blue shade among the 3 eye liners in the set. I find these very easy to apply — no need for any tugging at all as it goes on smoothly immediately. The colors are almost 100% of what I expected them to be and they wear well. I get at least 6 hours from this. Around 8 hours I can see the wear clearly based on patchy spots on my water line. I don’t expect eye liners (unless they’re waterproof) to last that long on my water line though, so this is good for me and I just ignore the 24 hour wear claim. One thing to note is that the product is softer than you may think. I made that mistake when I was swatching the blue eye liner on my arm and I put too much pressure in doing that. The tip just broke off! I twisted the body of the eye liner to dispense more product and just used the sharpener it came with to create a pointed tip. The sharpener is located on the other end of the eye liner, opposite the cap. Just pop that end off like you would with the cap on the other end and the built-in plastic sharpener is there. The product is soft enough that the sharpener is made of plastic to shave off product for the cone tip shape. Swatches shown below are one swipe of the product of each shade. The blue was swiped when the tip broke off, the brown was swiped with the eye liner held at an angle (thicker than if you would strictly use the pointy end), and the black was swiped right on the pointy end as is. I did this to show the difference in width that you can achieve with the application of the product (I got the idea when the blue tip broke off).

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette Swatches

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette Swatches (with flash)

I’m not sure if I’ll be picking up any of the other sets since each set is made to accentuate specific eye colors. I only picked the one for blue eyes up because I wanted the blue eye liner.

This retails for about $11.95 and is available at various mass retail and drugstores as well as online on their website.

Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Swatches

Hey guys! Today I have a summer collection that got me pretty excited when I saw them in person. The colors are so pretty and the finish is mesmerizing. Here’s Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Collection.

First up is Wild Bikini.

Finger Paints Wild Bikini

Wild Bikini is a beautiful grape purple. It reminds me of the vibrant deep purple shade that some orchid plants have. It’s vibrant and rich. Formula is a little bit on the watery side, but goes on the nails smoothly. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

Finger Paints Wild Bikini (in shade)

Finger Paints Wild Bikini (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Wild Bikini (close-up)

Next is Hula Aruba!

Finger Paints Hula Aruba!

Hula Aruba! is the yellow version of Wild Bikini. It’s a very bright yellow shimmer. Formula is better than Wild Bikini. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

Finger Paints Hula Aruba! (in shade)

Finger Paints Hula Aruba! (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Hula Aruba! (close-up)

Next we have Surf’s Up.

Finger Paints Surf’s Up

Surf’s Up is a bright blue shimmer. The formula is pretty much the same as Hula Aruba! in that it applies very nicely and dries pretty fast. The finish is the same as all shades in this collection as well — like a metallic foil shimmer. Reminds me of something Zoya has been known for in the past few years. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

Finger Paints Surf’s Up (in shade)

Finger Paints Surf’s Up (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Surf’s Up (close-up)

Next up is Aloha Lei.

Finger Paints Aloha Lei

Aloha Lei a juicy orange shimmer. The shimmer leans towards being golden more than anything else. Formula is great and it dries pretty fast. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

Finger Paints Aloha Lei (in shade)

Finger Paints Aloha Lei (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Aloha Lei (close-up)

Moving on, we have Margarita Mambo.

Finger Paints Margarita Mambo

Margarita Mambo has the sheerest formula in this entire collection. I actually had to retake these shots because I really didn’t like how it looked with just 2 coats (I did 2 coats for all other shades). It’s a pretty light green shimmer. This has the most watery formula too among all 6 shades, but it evens out with no problem with more coats. Shown is 3 coats with no top coat.

Finger Paints Margarita Mambo (in shade)

Finger Paints Margarita Mambo (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Margarita Mambo (lighting changed)

Finger Paints Margarita Mambo (close-up)

And lastly, here’s Be My Baby.

Finger Paints Be My Baby

Be My Baby is my favorite shade in this collection. My favorites usually end up being the red shades, but there is none in this collection. This is the closest to it. It’s a very reddish pink shade that’s bold and bright. This glitter shade is different from the previous ones. It has the best formula too; almost opaque with just one coat. Shown is 2 coats with no top coat.

Finger Paints Be My Baby (in shade)

Finger Paints Be My Baby (direct sunlight)

Finger Paints Be My Baby (close-up)

Overall? I originally expected these to be glass flecks but they’re not. Some of them do have that property when looked at in indirect sunlight lighting. The shade with the strongest glass fleck finish is Be My Baby followed by Wild Bikini. These shades should be available in Sally Beauty Supply stores and online for $5.99 each.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

ipsy July 2014 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my goodies from ipsy for this month over the weekend and finally got around to poring over what I got. After last month’s wow factor for me ( that the bag is designed by Rebecca Minkoff), I made sure to have reasonable expectations when it comes to the following month’s bag overall. Here’s everything that I got from my ipsy July 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy July 2014 Glam Bag

First, about the bag…..I like it and don’t at the same time, so I’m on the fence about it still. I love the design and the color definitely. I love how the bag feels, but what I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t feel like it will be a durable bag. Because of the scallop design and how the stitches are put on, it’s not as durable as my other makeup bags. I feel like I would have to baby it for sure and I don’t really want to have to do that. I’ll hold onto it for now though. The first item that caught my eye is the Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08. I don’t go out and tan intentionally, so this item is on the miss side for me in terms of usage. But I suppose I can slather it on while I’m out in the sun like when I’m swimming and stuff. I do tan easily in general and you bet I’ll be wearing sunscreen under this. It kind of negates what this is supposed to do though, so I’m on the fence with this product at the moment. The SPF is so low on this that I’m afraid the skin will just burn as if there is no SPF (I mean, I know there is some….it’s just so minimal). Moving on, we have Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil. While I have a lot of eye liners right now, “kajal” or “kohl” always catches my attention. My most pigmented eye pencils bear that in the name or description. Definitely a keeper for me and this is a small pencil so it fits right into any purse or makeup bag easily. Next item is the Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara. First impression is the packaging is so freaking cute! It has this water beads design on the silver cap that reminds me of what you see in MAC Alluring Aquatics Collection. I really liked that packaging look with MAC that I even thought about picking stuff up from that collection partly because of that (but then I moved on to other brands instead and have been very happy with that decision). I’m definitely going to keep this mascara but it will take me a while to get to using it since I have about 10 open right now. OOPS! :) Marrakesh Endz is one that I have never heard of the brand before this month’s bag. According to the product description on their website this product seals and repairs split ends, while preventing future damage. With it being summer right now, I’ve been in the pool a handful of times already and my hair is starting to put up a fight with me. I have long hair and I try to moisturize and condition every few days. This will be good to try out after a good swim session. Last product is the bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15. I have a love-hate relationship with cream eye shadows, so I’m not sure if I’m keeping this or not — especially since the shade I got is very neutral. It’s called Divine Wine but don’t let that name fool you! I would think a shade with that name is more on the purple or burgundy side. Nope, this line of theirs consists of 10 shades that are all very neutral (think nude palettes). I tend to like my eye shadows to have shimmer or color (or both!) and this one’s neither.

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08

Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil

Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara

Marrakesh Endz

bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Overall, eh….not too bad. Here’s hoping next month’s is better!

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