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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection

I was digging through the makeup bag I carry in my purse and figured I’d give these a go since I’ve had them for a while now but never got around to using any of them. I got these as part of my Physicians Formula #PFGoBronze Contest Prize last year. Here’s my take on the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection

The front of the box packaging it came in states the following:

“Instant Drama!
Inner Rim Eyeliner
100% Waterproof”

The product packaging is simple but attractive. The basic colors seem to suit well for everyone really. This product comes in 2 different sets: Nude Eyes and Smoky Eyes. The one I got is Smoky Eyes. The 3 shades in this set are black, gunmetal and silver. There is some shimmer in these shades, but the shimmery particles are small that I can’t feel them really. The colors are almost 100% of what I expected them to be. I say almost because the silver shade isn’t a bright silver really. It’s toned down or muted and very wearable even to work. I guess I was bracing myself for full on metallic silver that I’ve seen with silver liquid eyeliners. I get at least 6 hours from this and it stayed on even past 8 hours with some wear. I can see the wear by how much it has faded on my water line. It’s still very impressive and I did use this too on the inner rims of my eyes. I did not experience any discomfort or pain at all, so this is a win for me. Swatches shown below are one swipe of the product of each shade.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection Swatches (in shade)

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection Swatches (direct sunlight)

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection Swatches (with flash)

I don’t think I have any need to pick up the Nude Eyes set but they do have another line where it’s targeted for different eye colors. I might want to pick the one for brown eyes up.

This retails for about $11.95 and is available at various mass retail and drugstores as well as online on their website.

Come Clean Pop Culture Soap

Hey guys! Today’s blog post takes a different turn as I review on a product that is targeted for dogs. I have had the opportunity to review what Come Clean has to offer for dogs. I was sent a small sample, so take that into consideration when reading my review.

Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Sample

Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Sample Naked

Come Clean Pop Culture Soap Sample Toy

What I love about this product? I got this sample a few months ago and immediately took pictures. That’s how it arrived to me in the mail, but understand that it’s only a sample size for review and I actually expect the actual product to look like the shots below taken from their website. It’s a very cute concept and the soap actually lasted longer than I expected. With my soapmaking background, I know by experience that glycerin bars don’t last as long as traditional soap bars but I didn’t expect the tiny sample to last for more than a wash on my Brittany Spaniel. I classify Brittany Spaniels as medium to large-sized dogs, so this tiny sample lasting more than one wash (it was good enough for 2) amazed me. With that said, it does what it’s supposed to do — clean the dog during a wash. It takes off the dirt and any accompanying odor my dog had. Amount of lather is decent, but definitely don’t expect it to have the same amount of lather as a regular dog shampoo. Scent is lightly pleasant and you have several to choose from to you own liking: Bergamot Sage, Lemon Eucalyptus, Coconut Lavender and I spotted a new one they’re offering — Syrup & Waffles. When the soap is all gone, a little figurine toy is revealed. I think kids would enjoy this concept more and this reminds me of a novelty item I’ve seen sold in Hallmark stores recently where there’s a soap bar with a bill in the center that could range from $1 to $50.

What I don’t like about this product? If I had to be picky, it’s really just a matter of personal preference: I prefer dog shampoos still over soap bars.

Come Clean Pop Culture Dog Soap

Come Clean Pop Culture Sneaker Soap

This item retails for $12 for a bar and is available on their website as well as other retail locations.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I’m finally ready to provide a full review on a type of product I have never reached for until recently. I’ll admit that I’m still not going to use this on a daily basis, but at least I know what’s out there. Let’s talk foundation. I don’t wear it and I do see lovely women wear it well. They look good, but it’s just never something I ever wanted to add to my barely existent makeup regimen. With that said, the product in powder form is more desirable to me than liquid. I just don’t like the feeling of something on my face….even moisturizer. But I have to use moisturizer in my skin care routine, so I gritted through it in the short transition period. I eventually got used to it, which is good since I use a moisturizer with sunscreen. With that said, I haven’t tried any liquid foundation to date. I’ve tried 3 other brands of powder foundation before this one and I can say it’s the best one until I tried another brand right after I got this. More on that later, but here’s my take on the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation.

IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation®

The product description on the back of the box states the following:

“Directions: Using the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Airbrush Foundation Brush or enclosed sponge, swirl circles in the powder then dust onto your skin in circular motions for a naturally flawless, soft-focus, skin-perfecting finish. A small amount of this ultra-luxe, full coverage foundation goes a long way. Buildable for desired amount of coverage. Tale-Free and Paraben-Free.”

More description from their website:

“Developed with leading plastic surgeons, and using anti-aging ingredients including Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides, Anti-oxidants, Grapeseed, Olive, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Aloe, Niacin and Silk and vitamins A, C, E, this anti-aging foundation helps treat skin with anti-aging benefits. Gives skin a more youthful radiance while completely concealing imperfections, and blurring away the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Creamy, full coverage, and crease-proof it glides on easily and lasts all day. Celebration Foundation® is formulated without talc, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, and phthalates.”

What I love about this product? The results! I was actually surprised at how well it worked on my face. I was speechless. I admit, I didn’t have high expectations for this product to begin with. What it literally did for me is evened out my face, so all the redness is gone and my skin looks like it’s airbrushed almost. Now, I’m no expert with powder foundations but I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. The powder is very fine and buttery — it doesn’t feel powdery really. I apply with a light hand because I read that with most powder foundations it can cake and crease if you apply too much. I don’t know about the full-coverage claim really, but I can say it’s medium coverage at the very least. I apply it with a makeup brush straight onto my face after I let my moisturizer absorb into my skin for a good 2-3 minutes at least. Compared to the last powder foundation item I reviewed, which is the Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker SPF 20 Powder Foundation, this is the clear winner among the 2. It feels so light when applied to my face, which is my biggest concern with anything I use on my face. I feel it on my face for about the first minute and I end up forgetting about it after that. It’s quite hydrating for a face powder. It’s actually the most non-drying face powder product I’ve ever used and this was a huge (and welcoming) surprise to me. That’s thanks to the list of ingredients they used that was mentioned above though. It contains some very hydrating ingredients. The shade I got is Medium Beige, which worked really well for my skin tone. This product comes in 5 different shades I believe and is cruelty free. The compact is a little bit on the bulky side, but it’s quite common for face powder products. It comes with a mirror and face sponge that I didn’t try to use. I just prefer applying it with a makeup brush I have on hand.

What I don’t like about this product? Nothing really. The only possible improvement they can make to this is to add SPF to it.

This item retails for $35 for 9 g / 0.30 oz and is available on their website as well as other retail and online locations such as ULTA and QVC. I actually got this as part of a set they had released on QVC as shown here. To check what retail locations where products from her line are carried, click here.

*Some products in this review may have been provided by the PR company or manufacturer for an honest opinion.*

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

Hey guys! How y’all been doing?! The weather got a wee bit colder overall here and I feel it every morning. In fact, today is the day I finally caved in and slipped a jacket on before stepping out of the house. I like staying warm at all times and the past few days haven’t exactly been that on the car ride to work! It’s only half of the reason why I haven’t been as active on the blog here (yes, cold weather can make me not feel like blogging). The other half is a new game I’ve been playing called Archeage. So just bear with me with this transition. But today I have a post on something I got in an earlier ipsy Glam Bag (ipsy February 2014 Glam Bag). Now if you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that once in a while some items from an older ipsy Glam Bag will pop up in a regular review or a Curtain Call review. But there’s not a whole lot of them really. So when I thought this product warrants one, it definitely caught my attention in a really good or really bad way. Here’s First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay

What I love about this product? The scent is very light and clean for a cleanser. It works better than I thought in helping keep my skin clear. I do think that the red clay in this product helps. I’ve used other products with clay and it draws out dirt and oil really well. It could be very drying too, but not in this product. You know the feeling where your skin feels very tight after washing? In my experience, it’s cleansers that have stripped off too much moisture from my skin. My solution is always to moisturize immediately, but I would avoid that from happening in the first place as much as possible. You want a cleanser that cleans and strips off excess oil — not strip of all moisture from your skin. The natural reaction of my skin (in my experience) is that it starts to try to compensate the dryness very fast and this results in overcompensation of it usually, which gives me more oil production on the skin. It also cleans without leaving a residue or the feeling I get from washing soap off my hands or body with hard water. That feeling is slightly slippery that you simply can’t wash it off and I find it very annoying. A face and body wash I tried recently did that, but I didn’t bash it as much only because it contains salicylic acid and if there’s anything left on my skin after a wash…..I kinda welcome that since it’s an acne-fighting ingredient. Still, I prefer not to have that feeling after washing my face (or body) and this facial cleanser doesn’t do that. This facial cleanser is kinda like the last of everything in the childhood story Goldilocks and the 3 Bears — everything about this is just right.

What I don’t like about this product? If I have to be extremely picky, the price. While it is almost the perfect facial cleanser in my experience, I’m not sure how I’d feel plunking down $24 for 4.7 oz of this. I’m still hemming and hawing over the idea of purchasing this because I really do like it a lot.

This item is available on their online store here as well as at other retailers such as Sephora, QVC and

ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag

Hey guys! I got my goodies from ipsy Glam Bag a little later this month, but it was worth the wait. I love, love, love the bag. I can’t stress that enough. I can’t decide if this is my favorite or second favorite makeup bag from ipsy. So, I was slightly disappointed of course that I noticed there is surface damage on the studded side of the makeup bag. The cardboard insert is placed outside of the bag and on that side so it poked the holes in the material. That was in fact what I saw when I opened the pretty metallic pink padded envelope it came in. The corner of the cardboard insert was right on the largest of the holes. :( I can live with that though. What bothered me more was the damage caused by the corner of the cardboard insert to the first stud. I could only guess that during shipping, just like how it poked holes into the material of the surface of the makeup bag…..the cardboard insert got into a nook at the first stud and kinda pried it around a little bit — stretching the material. I did end up emailing ipsyCare about it and they were quick to respond and resolve my issue. I asked if there was any way I could get another makeup bag because mine was damaged and sent a picture with it. They’re going to ship one out to me. But anyway, here’s everything that I got from my ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag.

ipsy September 2014 Glam Bag

The first item I zeroed in is the Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser. I got another Nourish Organic product from an earlier ipsy Glam Bag and reviewed it here recently. It’s sitting on my bathroom counter currently as it’s the next thing I use once my current facial cleanser runs out. Next up is the Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush. Crown Brush is a brand I’ve heard about, but I usually like seeing makeup brushes in person before I place a purchase. Also, I already have a decent amount of makeup brushes that I’m not actively looking for more. This is a good way for me to try it out and assess for future makeup brush purchases. Next item I plucked out of the bag is the Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil. The shade I got is called Gunmetal and it looks to be a pretty shade, but I just have too many eye pencils currently so I’m saving this up to pass it on to someone else that will put it to good use. The next item I pulled out is the Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Love Affair. As mentioned for months now, I have tons of lip glosses open so I’ll be saving this for my niece Jacey. This shade is right up her alley too. The last item in this month’s Glam Bag is the Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream. I’ve never heard of this brand and I think this is the first time I’m getting a hand cream from ipsy. This is the item I’m most excited to try out of everything I got. I’ll provide a full review once I’ve used it extensively.

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser

Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush

Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil

Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss

Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream

Overall, a great Glam Bag but that’s mainly because I am so in love with the makeup bag this month. Just when I thought things were starting to fall into a plateau with my ipsy subscription….this month totally got me excited to see what next month’s bag brings!

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